6 Tips for Creating a Successful Customer Loyalty Program

Even when different industries have different variations, the basics are always common between all the customer loyalty programs. You will try to lock the relationship with your customers by offering something special to them. This means that your competitors are also highly likely to offer the same rewards and experience that you could be providing. So how do you make your program stand out from the crowd?

Follow these 6 tips to create a successful customer loyalty program.

1. Offer Special Rewards

When it comes to rewards, it is recommended to offer something unique and not just free things. It has been a tradition for long time to offer something free when a customer buys something or takes the desired action. It is more important to offer a unique experience that consumers remember. This can include digital content and sweepstakes too. So you should be particular about what rewards your are offering.

2. Leverage the Power of Mobile

If you don’t want to get left behind, make sure that your loyalty program also includes the mobile platform. An average American checks their phone almost 4 dozen times a day. Almost 57% of annual ecommerce transactions now take place on mobile devices. You can create a customized in-app feed for your consumers based on their preferences, likes, and interests. Create your loyalty program based on how your consumers use their mobile devices to interact with your brand. For example, you can develop a say2b – loyalty app to run more effective loyalty programs.

3. Socialized Reward Programs

Social media is nothing less than a word-of-mouth platform in the modern era. It has the power to grow your loyalty programs exponentially. This platform allows you to motivate your customers like none else. So it is important that you ‘socialize’, not just your loyalty program applications, but your website and other online assets. In fact, you should socialize all your consumer touch-points.

4. Provide Multiple Ways to Earn Rewards

The general rule is to rewards customers based on how much they spend. However, this also means that your competitors are also doing the same. So how do you gain an edge over them? Consider the activities that can match and enhance your brand image. For example, you should rewards points not just for buying from you, but also for other activities which are related to your brand. For example, if you are selling fitness products, you can offer loyalty points to your consumers for activities like dally running, walking, and cycling too.

So you should determine the ideal points-winning activities for your customers based on:

  • Your brand image
  • What your business stands for
  • What matters to you

Think of how you can also stay on their minds as they go through the day.

5. Listen to Your Customers

Customer feedback is an extremely important element of loyalty programs. You should know who your consumers are and allow them to use different ways to provide feedbacks. If you want to build a highly effective loyalty program, make sure that you are regularly listening to your customers and responding. And when your customers realize that you are listening to them and take appropriate actions, it will help boost loyalty and sales.

6. Let the Benefits Grow as Your Brand Grows

It is commonly seen that most loyalty programs stagnate after some time because brands don’t innovate or invest anything new into their program. This results in lesser chances of re-engagement from the consumers. It is important to grow and expand your program as your brand grows. This helps you keep bringing the customers back for greater benefits. So make sure to keep updating the program to deliver the best that you can.

So follow these 6 tips to create a loyalty program that keeps bringing more and more of your customers back. It is also important to invest in latest technologies to enhance and empower your customer loyalty programs.