8 Best Alternatives of SoundCloud

Alternatives of soundcloud

Looking for best alternative of SoundCloud? Well, with these 8 best alternatives of SoundCloud in this article you will have excellent options to discover Indie music.

SoundCloud is around for more than a decade, and it provides an excellent platform for its users to upload, record, promote and even share your music. This is one of the vast alternatives to commercial streaming services like Tidal and Spotify. This is internet’s massive indie music platform that helps a musician to reach their listeners directly by eliminating a third person. It is a YouTube audio files and perfect for that musician who wants their musical creation in podcast shows.

However, as per the recent events that show that this online service has faced the issue of finance and somehow the service has survived earlier this month by funding $170 million dollars. But the company will soon the better way to make money, but if they face the same issues? Well, this is the reason that we have done some task behind searching for the best alternatives for Soundcloud. Let’s look at them one-by-one.

#Best Alternatives For Soundcloud

  1. Bandcamp

Bandcamp is the first name that comes to mind when it is the best alternative of SoundCloud. This service has been around for a decade. This service is for those people who are musicians and for those who are growing an intimate fan-base. If you are a musician, then you can select your charge for your music and if you want you can even give away your music for free. Also, you can sell merchandise as well as the physical copies of your music album straight through this service.

Once you sign up on this platform you will be provided with your own customizable microsite. On that site, you can upload and share your music. However, like SoundCloud, this service doesn’t require any fixed yearly amount to upload your music. But the company once your overall sell reaches to $5,000 then it will charge around 15% commission, after then, the commission drops to the 10%. It is even available as mobile app for both Android and iOS.

  1. YouTube

Many of you might think that YouTube is good for only high-quality of music and videos, but it is entirely wrong because by the passing of the time this platform is getting much smarter than ever. YouTube is much more than just platform for video. This platform contains numerous of artists who share their music with videos and without videos. Some of the artists on this platform select to post their music with a still image in the place of the video. So you have great option to upload your music with or without music.

However, like SoundCloud, YouTube also lets its uploaders to have the ability to share content all for free. As cost is a great hurdle for those artists who are just starting out to get their name out there, but YouTube helps remove this barrier. This is a free and stable service which of course deserves a top spot in this list of SoundCloud alternative. This is also available as an app for Android and iOS device.

  1. Tumblr

You might think that a blogging platform and a social community platform can’t be a satisfactory alternative to a service like SoundCloud to promote and share music. Believe it or not, But Tumblr is an underrated service among great service to build a brand.

This platform directly supports the audio posts, so you can just post your MP3 files to your blog. The platform has some great collection of themes that transform your blog into a stylish music collection platform. It even has inbuilt promotional tools such as like, tag as well as reblogging which can make your music discoverable and shareable with ease. But if you want to advertise about your music you need to pay for it.

However, selling music is quite hard with this service, but far from impossible, there is a great way that is PayPal that enable quick selling of your music. Well, this platform supports other similar services as well. You can use as an app on your Android or iOS device.

  1. Audiomack

Audiomack is the best and one of the high picks of this list of Soundcloud alternative. The service is available in both version site and app version, where its app is available for both the devices iOS and Android. This is a clean and well-designed service. Every single feature that this service offers to its users seems to be well-thought-out. All of them helps to drive more listens to the relevant tracks and artists.

Still, there are some of the users who find kind of subjective design of this platform, but actually, Audiomack looks and feels good than the SoundCloud service. There are also have some similar niche like SoundCloud which provides both music streaming capabilities and active community as well.However, the only thing that this service lacks in comparison with SoundCloud is the popularity. If SoundCloud shuts down, then it won’t be surprised to see this service immediately jump to take over as top service.

  1. clyp.it

There are lots of services like Clyp.it, but with this site, you are allowed to upload only a single tracks that can be easily and quickly share with your fan base. This site clyp.it as the audio equivalent is something like a Google Drive or an Imgur. Here on this site you can create your account and participate, but if you just need a quick way to upload your music and share it, then you will even have that option.

This platform tries to play in Soundcloud’s court. However, it lacks the user-base, and this is what grabbing it back. But this service offers some functions just like Soundcloud. With its waveforms, you can have the ability to share, like, comment on tracks, etc. But the community and discoverability of the music of the artists on this platform are somewhat missing. This app is available for both the devices like iOS and Android.

  1. cloud

Want to cut out the assortment of middleman and looking for a way to reach to your fans directly? Then this service YungCloud will be a great alternative for you in the place of Soundcloud. According to the founders of this service, this platform is meant to connect the upcoming as well as the well-known artists and give them an excellent platform to get music heard by numerous of audiences around the world.

The service is much younger than any other services which are listed and going to be list here on this list because it is launched in the year of 2015. The website is quite similar to the SoundCloud in the terms of its look, so this is existing for SoundCloud users because with this service they will feel like at-home while using it. This is also available as an app for iOS and Android devices.

  1. Mixcloud

Mixcloud service is actually aimed at podcasts and mixes, so it is evident that it is just like its name. The service that this platform offer is more surrounding than that, it allows you to click through various genres to listen to new music like Spotify, and even allows you to upload mixtapes like albeit or a single track.

However, if you are a podcaster, talk show hosts or DJ then this platform is really for you. That is just because you don’t really get to upload you complete album at one go; it lets you only upload one track at a time. You can also upload your original music but only one track at a time. This functionality is highly inconvenient for the artists as well as the listener too. You can use this service in the form of app on your iOS device as well as on your Android device.

  1. hearthis.At

This is an officially described as a best alternative to SoundCloud on the web. This is just because this service offers tons of features that match to its competitor SoundCloud service. It offers rich set of features like feeds, profile pages, ability to like, share and comment on the tracks. Plus, this service also offers a unique functionality that is ‘Maps’ which keeps you up-to-date about upload of the local music. It also lets you import your SoundCloud profile to its platform, so this what makes even much easy for you who want to migrate to this service.

With this service, you can even sort your feed by the genre and even based on the length of the track while it is uploaded which is one of the great functionality. It offers you an opportunity to sell your music to your fans. You can use their app on iOS and Android device.


That’s just a quick look at few of the best alternatives to SoundCloud service. Of course, there are numerous of other services that could help you to fill the void which is left by the SoundCloud service. However, if there any great alternative service to SoundCloud which you think we should check out, then share them here by using the comment section and let us know!