Best Mac menu bar organizer apps

The key purpose of menu bar organizers is to arrange the workflow of users. They really help finish some tasks faster and are regarded to be tremendously useful tools! Having read this review, you’ll find out what apps have the best rating among all menu bar organizers for Mac. Mayhap, you will appreciate the perks of some apps and find the best tool for you.

We analyzed the modern software market, read a number of customers’ testimonials and picked up the best menu bar organizing applications for Mac users. You will find out how to utilize your menu-bar space effectively!

1. Bartender for Mac

This tool is a prudent solution for those who search for a top-quality menu bar organizer for MAC-based devices. Its key purpose is to help users organize all menu bar apps. As a result, you will have an opportunity to either hide or rearrange some apps in the way you like.

The latest version of this software product supports High Sierra and Mac OS Sierra.

The app is endowed with an awful lot of useful features which will make the life of every user easier. The Bartender Items allow you to keep the most frequently used apps in one place. You can configure it in the way you like. The option of keyboard navigating is also available. When one or another program updates, you will see this information in the menu bar. Besides, you can also decide in what order the apps will be displayed.

If your overarching goal is to find a simple, clear and concise organizer, this app is what you really need!

2. Amphetamine.

The app has a strange name, don’t you find? Even so, this is another tool which is able to enhance your productivity! Its key objective is to provide users with the necessary control over sleeping habits of your computer. It helps users override their energy saver settings. The app has a number of activation time presets and keeps the display of your computer awake. You can either activate it automatically or use specific hotkeys.

This simple app just lives in your menu bar and keeps your laptop awake.

3. Dropzone.

If you have not the foggiest idea how to keep all these icons on the screen of your Mac in order, this app should be a number-one tool for you. Besides, it is regarded to be an innovator in the drag-and-drop system of Mac OS X. When you install the software, you will see an icon on the screen of your device. After that, you can drag different apps or folders onto the icon. This utility allows users to receive faster access to necessary files.

4. iStat Menus 5.

This app offers a variety of useful features which will simplify your work with different applications. This is a high-quality Mac system monitor. All notifications regarding the state of your device are gathered in one place. As a result, users will get faster access to the information about the current weather forecast, network or battery state, and other important events. The feature of fast keyboard access is also available. The latest version of the software product supports 36 languages and has a bunch of theme options. Except for these basic features, there are many other enhancements as well.

5. Magnet for Mac.

This tool will help you keep all icons on the screen of your Mac device in order. Otherwise stated, the app will organize all windows into tiles. If your everyday work is related to dealing with a variety of different programs, you need to align them neatly side by side. This particular tool will help you do this! The app supports up to 6 external displays allowing users to choose the combination which is more convenient for them. This simple window manager will help you boost productivity!

Choosing a reliable menu bar organizer, you need to be very attentive and even try several apps before you decide which one you like most of all! Luckily, some apps have free trial versions. Read the feedback from customers who already have the experience of using one or another app and look through the reviews of experts in this area!