Facebook Ads Course For Affiliate Marketing: 6 Tricks That Can Boost Online Sales

Since there are millions of people who use Facebook, it has been an excellent platform for business and advertising. The great thing about Facebook is that it knows how to keep up with the demands of people and they deliver output that keeps its users engaged in using the application. Some of the features they rolled out are Facebook ads, and even Facebook careers.

There are course reviews on how you can use this feature for your social media marketing tasks. Here are some tips on how you can use this particular feature to boost your online sales:

  1.    Create a landing page

As a general rule, to make your Facebook ads more effective and to keep it from being locked out, do not directly use your affiliate link. Instead, create a landing page where you can temporary send your page visitors to this site before you can introduce them to your main link.

Some ideas on what you can put on your landing page:

  • Mailing or subscribing list
  • Teaser of your newly released products or services
  • Product promotions or sale items

You don’t only need to create a landing page, you also need to have it optimized. You can achieve this by making sure that your landing page connects to your affiliate link. Let’s say if your affiliate link is about women’s fashion, make sure your landing page has something to do with clothes, shoes or accessories.

  1.    Update content and share it on Facebook

Another guideline for an effective Facebook ad is about content marketing. It is used to keep your users engaged in your products and services by providing relevant information that might be useful for them.

You might notice that most websites allocate a page on their site for blogs. This is essential to building links which will result in a better SEO. This is achieved by attracting your page visitors to stay longer in your site, thus decreasing bounce rate. A less bounce rate of a website will improve its ranking in the search engine.

But it doesn’t end there. Once you have published your content, you have to incorporate your content on Facebook. Your goal here is for your business to be known and to reach a broader range of potential clients.

  1.    Include the Facebook share button

This applies to your affiliate link. Incorporate a Facebook share button at the end of your page or post. It will help your followers to share posts that interest them easily. This is good for your website since it will create better traffic and stronger linking, too.

  1.    Use scheduled posts feature

This feature created by Facebook makes it easier for social media marketing managers to keep their followers engaged to their pages. With this feature, it is possible to keep your social media page updated without you having to log in to your account and post.

All you need to do is create a content plan for a week, put it in scheduled posts and it will automatically post your updates on your chosen time. This will maintain movement in your social media page. Potential clients usually look for pages that are active.

  1.    Make sure to choose eye-catchy images

It has been proven that users will be most likely to click on posts with pictures that caught their attention, than a plain post with a catchy headline. When you see any Facebook ads, you will see a picture incorporated to that page, so make sure that you use eye-catching images together with your post.

Incorporate red—images, texts, background color with your post to make sure it gets attention.

  1.    Make use of Facebook Response Assistance

Your potential clients will undoubtedly inquire about your products and services. They will try to reach you by sending you a message. A great way to keep them engaged is by using response assistance. This is helpful to still attend to your potential clients’ queries even if you are offline.

Setting up this feature will let them know that you will be attending to their needs as soon as possible. Also, Facebook keeps track of your response time and your response rate, and this is another factor that clients consider before hitting that message button and inquire on a particular page.

If you are interested in social media marketing, the use of Facebook ads may be an excellent avenue for increasing your business profit. The social media platform usually makes it easy for business owners and social media managers to plan a more effective marketing strategy through their site.