Kent Gold AS: The Best Non-Electric Purifier to Get Rid of Arsenic

Non-electric water purifiers have been in the market for quite a long time now. They are highly efficient at purifying water that has low TDS levels. If you install a non-electric water purifier at your home, it is evident that you need not depend on electricity for water purification.

Among all the non-electric water purifiers available in the market, Kent Gold AS is undoubtedly one of the best options. It comes with advanced purification technology, good storage capacity, and a universal design – all of which make it a compelling buy. Read on to find out more about this non-electric water purifier and its amazing features.

Premium Purification Technology

Kent Gold AS is one of its kinds as it is not only a gravity-based purifier but also comes with ultrafiltration technology for purifying the water. The appliance removes microorganisms, which are normally present in untreated water. Hence, this technique makes the water safe for drinking and cooking purposes.

Ideal for Homes That Face Frequent Power Cuts

Many areas face the hassle of frequent power cuts, especially during summer. If water is supplied from the municipal corporation, then Kent Gold AS would be one of the best investments for getting pure drinking water even in the absence of the electricity. As there’s no dependency on electricity, you will get pure and safe drinking water any time of the day.

Sleek and Classy Design

This Kent water purifier has a beautiful and sleek tabletop design. The water purifier can be easily placed on any flat surface and conveniently used. Its universal classy design makes it compatible with all kinds of kitchen décor.

Good Storage Capacity

If you happen to purchase this water purifier, then will be amazed by its high storage capacity. It can store around 13 liters of purified water at all times for drinking purpose. Hence, there won’t be any dearth of drinking water at any point in time.

Easy to Maintain and Handle

Kent Gold AS is easy to maintain and hence you would not be bogged down with frequent breakdown issues. It’s also absolutely easy to handle. This makes it an ideal option for every home.

Cost Effective

If the TDS level of the water that is supplied to your home is low, then this is one of the most viable options at an affordable rate. The best part of non-electric purifiers is that you don’t have to shell out a lot of money as initial investment. KENT Gold AS is reasonably priced at INR 3,500.

Carbon Block to Remove the Microorganisms

Kent Gold AS is integrated with a special carbon block for getting rid of microorganisms such as cyst, arsenic and bacteria from the water. It does not use any chemical or electricity for this process of purification.

These are few of the features that make KENT Gold AS the best non-electric water purifier in the market. Your decision to buy this purifier will certainly go a long way in providing you with clean and safe drinking water.