How to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages: iPhone and Android

how to recover deleted facebook messages

Facebook is a very famous media platform at present in almost all countries around the globe. People use it to communicate with friends, families, and for business affair. However, some people are worried about the leak of sensitive Facebook messages and will delete them from their Facebook account, mainly because not only you will lose the idea you want to express with the other person, but the worst part about it is that sometimes you can lose very important information and you won’t have any means to get it back, which is really unfortunate to say the least..

As we know, there are two possibilities for the disappearance of messages with our Facebook Messenger app: Delete or Archive. “Archive” option makes messages no more in our list but we can retrieve it later, “Delete” option erased message that we can’t recover deleted Facebook messages on iOS devices directly. However, sometimes it happens to delete Facebook messages by mistake, after a while we realize that some of erased messages are useful for us in present.

First iPhone Recovery Method:

Since Facebook works on the code of ‘off the internet’ you can recover your messages you have exchanged on Facebook.

Step 1: First off, download dr.fone toolkit – iPhone Data Recovery software on your computer.

Step 2: Launch this dr.fone toolkit on your computer and then click on ‘Recover from iOS Device’.

Step 3: Click on the check box before ‘Messenger & Attachments’ under ‘Deleted Data from the Device’.

Step 4: Now click on ‘Start Scan’ button from the bottom right corner.

Note: Your iPhone’s screen may go blank during the procedure but it is normal, hence, you don’t need to worry about this.

Once the scanning is completed, you can choose Facebook Messages you need to recover from the list of deleted messages.

Step 5: Click on Messenger

Step 6: Search for the messages you want to recover and click on the check box to select them.

Step 7:  Next, click on ‘Recover to Device’.

It’s done!  Facebook messages are your sweet memories, and therefore, you should recover those sweet exchanges you have done with your friends and special ones.

Android Recovery Method:

Step 1: Download ES File Explorer File Manager on Google Play Store on Android device.

Step 2: After installation open the app on your Android and head to ‘Storage/SD card’ option.

Step 3: Tap Android folder which has all the data.

Step 4: Next, you need to tap data folder.

Step 5″: You will find many app folder which you are using it on your phone just find and open ‘com.facebook.orca’ folder  

Step 6: After opening above folder, tap on tap cache folder.

Step 7: Now tap ‘fb_temp’ folder.

In this folder, you will find all those Facebook Messenger messages you have deleted long back.

So here it is! On both devices, you can easily recover deleted Facebook messages on Android and iPhone.