The Top 3 Ways to Determine Success on Your WordPress Website

The Top 3 Ways to Determine Success on Your WordPress Website

People start blogs for different reasons. Some of them are looking for a platform that helps them express their views. Others are trying to build a network of professionals within their industry. Some bloggers may also sell products on their website as well. As you can tell, the reasons for starting a blog are diverse.

However, one thing joins them; they all want to be successful. The question is how you determine success when the objectives for starting the blog are all different. Well, the answer lies in establishing parameters that cut across all blogs regardless of the blogger’s reason for starting them. For instance, here are the top 3 ways to determine success on your WordPress website.

  1. The Volume of Traffic That Your Website Is Receiving

Thirty percent of the bloggers worldwide use WordPress as their preferred publishing platform. One reason for its popularity among bloggers is that the website is SEO friendly. For example, you can add meta-tags, sitemaps, and image descriptions to your content.

You can use some top SEO plugins for browsers as well. WordPress created these features so that you can get as many visitors to your site as possible. Unsuccessful websites have limited online traffic because they do not use these features correctly. Checking the number of views, you have would tell you if you are using these features correctly.

Comparing these views to the ones received by your competitors is an excellent idea as well. Finally, significant changes are necessary if the number of visitors to your site is dwindling.

  1. The Level of Engagement on Your Website

Did you know that WordPress publishes more than 42.7 million comments every month? Are any of these comments from your WordPress site? Have you received any messages from your visitors? Is there a backlink to your site on another website? Are people sharing your content on social media? Changes to your blog are necessary if the answer to these questions is no. Fortunately, increasing the level of engagement on your website is possible if you offer them unique and high-quality content.

Unique means that they will not find it anywhere else. This rarity means that they will share what they discover on your site with their friends and family members. They will do that repeatedly if you offer them the same level of quality regularly.

  1. Running Analytical Tests on Your Site

WordPress has notable clients including CNN, BBC, CBS, and Reuters. It hosts blogs for, Volkswagen, and Sony as well. Their presence on this platform indicates that they feel satisfied with the performance of WordPress sites.

They would not term their sites as successful if this performance were dismal. Do you check for the same standards on your WordPress site as these corporations do on theirs? For example, how often does your site go down? How long does it stay that way?

How fast is it?

Denzi helps you check for these performance issues. It offers you solutions as well in addition to instant notifications alerting you to possible problems with your website