What are the Top 10 Search Engines in the World?


Web Search Engines now become a part of our daily life. People are now becoming more dependent on search engines to get the answer for their related queries. For every issue and problem, there is blog or website made on that topic and we use a search engine to get our answers.

Do you know which are the best Search engines? Everyone will say it’s “Google”. But there are many other search engines than Google.

Here are the top 10 Search Engines in World

  • Google


As you all know Everyone uses Google search engines and it is the best search engines among all. Most popular search engines in the world. And also the most popular product from Google. According to Netmarketshare, more than 75% is acquired by Google. It is dominated by both mobile and desktop.

  • Bing

bing search

The best alternative search engine of Google. Bing search comes default with Microsoft products, such as Windows and Windows phone. If you are regular Google user, then you will find that Bing also gives you the same experience which Google gives you. You can search image, videos, web, news, maps, and more. According to Microsoft, Bing uses their own algorithm to rank pages in the search result.

  • Yahoo Search

yahoo search

Yahoo holds less than 10% market share in the global desktop search market. Yahoo search was one of the biggest competitors to Google. When Bing launched Yahoo became the third search engine. Yahoo uses their own algorithm to rank pages in the search result. But, it is not advanced as Google and Bing.

  • Duck Duck Go:

duck duck go search

It is popularly known for protecting the privacy of users. In order to generate search result, they are partnered with Yahoo and Bing and yummy.  It has a very clean interface. Duck Duck Go offers infinite scrolling in a very user-friendly manner.

  • Baidu:

Baidu search

Baidu is a Chinese web search engine. This web search is made to deliver results for Image and audio files. It is one of the search engines in China.

  • Ask.com

ask.com search

Ask.com was previously based on Ask Jeeves. Its search result is based on Question format. Here you can get all the answer for your questions. And it integrates a large amount of data of answer for the question. With Ask.com you will get the better result which will not get in google and yahoo.

  • Dogpile Search:


In late 1990’s Dogpile was one of the most searchable search engines but after that Google over the place and Dogpile faded into obscurity. Now Dogpile is coming back with growing index and a clean quick presentation. If you want to try a search tool with pleasant presentation and helpful crosslinks than you should try Dogpile.

  • Yippy Search:

yippy search

Yippy is a web search engine that searches other search engines for you. If you are searching for obscure hobby interest blogs, obscure government information, tough-to-find obscure news, academic research and otherwise-obscure content, then Yippy is your tool.

  • Webopedia Search:

Webopedia search

It is one of the most useful websites on the web. It is an encyclopedia resource for techno trilogy and computer definitions. If you are trying to learn technical computer system than Webopedia is the best search engine for you.

  • AOL Search:

Aol search

AOL Search engine is powered by Bing. Web result listing and ranking is maintained by Bing. Just like Google AOL Shows news snippet, and ads are powered by Bing. You can also use their search tools like safe search, Filter time, and turn search suggestion on or off.

AOL is based on Google.

Conclusion: Here are the top most popular search engines in the world. From which Google and Bing are the most dominating search engines used widely by most of the people.