Watchop | Everything that Must Know About Watchop

Watchop | Everything that Must Know About Watchop

WatchOP: The Top-Rated Website to Watch One Piece

Any anime lover has their dedicated site to watch his favorite anime stuff. Over the years we have come across various anime sites that have changed the quality of content we expect from the producer. 

Suddenly essential things make anime amazing to stay distinct from everything that is out there. There is only one anime site that has stood out over the past 20 years. The only anime site is “One Piece”.

What is a WatchOP?

WatchOP is a One Piece streaming destination that allows the users to view all the One Piece anime episodes at a single junction. WatchOP is one of the most popular anime streaming sites with an enormous number of regular users who love this anime site. 

They offer English dubbed shows, and even you can select the ones with subtitles. You should choose the subtitles one because the dubbed shows have no original flavor added by the creator.

Another thing to view here is that it tweaked the meanings of dialogues to manage a set of viewers. We can all be grateful that we have both choices at our disposition. Now the question arises in your mind that: 

Why should you watch OnePiece? 

This is the most legendary anime streaming site, so it is essential to mention the name of One Piece.

Have you ever watched this anime streaming site, if you have not viewed One Piece yet, I will strongly recommend watching this site because of the amazing content? The plot of this anime site even though is so simple, having fascinating storytelling as the anime progresses.

Another beautiful thing about this popular anime site One Piece has the best story: arcs, suspense, twists, and adventure of various characters. Therefore, everything makes the platform grateful to the viewers.

Is it legal to use Watchop?

As I have mentioned earlier, WatchOP is not a legal site. Such sites often change their URL because they don’t have official permission to air the content for the viewers. There is no authorization from anyone to publish their content. They do not have any right to show content to the public because this content is not free to use for the viewers.

Despite this restriction, they show the content to the viewers. The primary reasons behind this are that if they offer such content viewers will come to view the site. Their principal source of income is millions of viewers which come regularly to their site. 

Therefore, be cautious while watching this pirated website. Be alert while downloading the content from their site, which may harm your system and malware, can corrupt the files of your computer.

How to Stream Watchop?

After analyzing over the show, it is essential to highlight some instructions about the platform. WatchOP is one of the most dedicated platforms for watching One Piece, which makes them distinctive from others. 

This is not the only feature of Watchop, they have another prominent quality that convinces you to stream on this platform. Browsing WatchOP is very convenient for anyone. 

Please make sure that you are using a VPN while accessing their site. VPN is the most essential tool in protecting your integrity from hackers and your computer system from malware.

Categories of Anime Available on Watchop

WatchOP is available in the following categories for the users.

  • Manga
  • HD movies
  • Dubbed Anime
  • Download Subtitle English
  • Read One Piece Manga
  • animation

and best destination for watching One Piece episodes

Features of WatchOP

Most of the features of WatchOP are amazing and are unique among all other sites. It is immune to character repetition. Each character that you view on the show attaches to you. Each chief character is well-described and viewers are well aware of their powers and weaknesses. Arcs of One-piece are just amazing. Find some other features of WatchOP.

  • The best site for One Piece

For watching One Piece watchOP is one of the best sites for every viewer. You may get the entire episode of One Piece on this platform. All the episodes of One Piece are available on the homepage of the site. Keep scrolling and you’ll find the episodes in descending order.

  • Live Ticker

A live ticker is another most important feature of this site suitable for the viewers who are up-to-date with all the episodes of One Piece. The live ticker will notify you when the next episode is going to get uploaded. 

They provide you with an exact countdown until when the episode is uploaded. You will find one episode of One Piece uploaded every week just one hour after it aired on Japanese TV.

  • Dubbed Episodes

That viewer who has an issue in understanding the subtitles and does not know the English and Spanish subtitles can also find to watch dubbed episodes. You may get your stuff in your favorite language.

  • Streaming Quality

WatchOP provides an amazing streaming experience. You can choose the resolution based on your internet speed. This allows viewers to watch One Piece episodes in slightly lower resolution as opposed to buffering and shutting you out.

  • Design

The overall design of the site is nice to watch any kind of stuff. This is a dedicated single show for One Piece. In some sections, the site is magnificent to view, but in others it is poor. Before watching the site check everything to continue.

  • Header

The header section of this site has five categories named ‘Home’, ‘One Piece English Dubbed’, ‘One Piece Manga’, ‘Soundtracks’, and ‘Anime Dubbed’. The primary header of the site has a supporting section that features random episodes and lists.

  • Hero Section

The hero section of this website is very simple with a white background and black text. The live countdown feature at the site is impressive otherwise would’ve looked fantastic. In the primary section, the latest episode highlighted in yellow color.

  • Body

This part has the enormous strength and the biggest weakness of this website at the same time. Viewers wise it varies. The person who is a regular user can understand the body easily but for the new user visiting for the first time, it may be scary.

  • Desktop/Mobile experience

The site is mobile-friendly, you can watch anything on this site on your smartphone. The overall quality of watching on a mobile phone is impressive and the streaming quality is also marvelous. WatchOP will allow users to adjust the resolution manually.


  • You can easily find your FAV series like one piece Etc.
  • It is free to use
  • You can find a massive collection of content on one platform.


We know many of the users still rely upon that it’s sort of slow in terms of progression.

  • This is an illegal website.
  • They can harm your privacy because they have multiple domains with the same name to hack your private data.
  • Visiting such kinds of websites is also a punishable offense.
  • You may love the character of FAV drama or series, but you are harming them in another form. They should pay for their hard work.
  • The advertisement is too much while watching a movie or any other content, but sometimes maybe irrelevant or sexual.
  • A splendid chance for hackers might capture your data through these websites.

These points are enough to understand the Pros and cons of this site.

10 Best WatchOP Legal Alternatives Websites

1. Animeheaven

2. Animedao

3. MangaStream

4. Cartoon Crazy

5. AnimeUltima

6. Anime-Planet

7. JustDubs

8. AnimeFlavor

9. Chia Anime

10. AnimeFreak



If you’re a One Piece lover, you require checking this website out. If you’re just getting started, the site will permit you to not just stream but even download the content in HD quality.