4 Most Reliable Vehicle Brands Schools Should Consider When Minibus Shopping

It is a fact that all schools and colleges need to have access to at least one minibus. This is of paramount importance for transporting pupils to and from school. It ensures that students can begin their daily studies in a timely manner and allows the whole education process to function smoothly and effectively.

A school minibus is also a far more environmentally friendly form of transport than cars. Instead of having a parent take their children to school in the family car (which may consist of a journey with two people in the vehicle) a school minibus can safely transport groups of students on one journey which helps to reduce CO2 emissions per person and is a greener method of transport.

The school minibus can also be vital for transporting students to school trips and special educational events. When looking for a suitable school minibus there are several reliable brands that make the perfect choice.

This article will describe four of the most reliable vehicle brands that are suitable for being used as a school minibus. 

To Hire, Lease or Buy

Before deciding on a specific model of minibus for your school it is important to consider whether the vehicle will be bought outright, leased, or hired.

There is one distinct advantage to owning the vehicle, in that once it has finished its useful life with your school you will be able to sell it and recoup some money towards the next vehicle purchase.

However, schools often investigate leasing a vehicle as it offers an easy and transparent way to budget for transportation costs. In addition, maintenance and service costs are usually included in the lease contract and depreciation of the vehicle is not an issue as you do not own it.

Once you have decided on the ideal method to use your minibus it is time to look at some of the key brands and options for minibuses that are ideally suited to school use, there are a range available for purchase hiring or renting at The Minibus Centre

Ford Tourneo custom

The Ford Tourneo custom is an excellent choice for schools looking to purchase a vehicle that can hold eight passengers. Its smaller size makes it perfect for smaller school outings and trips.

It can be customized to have the seats facing each other in a conference style layout or in traditional minibus format. The customization aspects of the vehicle also allow it to be modified to include a wheelchair ramp at the back. This is a perfect solution for transporting disabled school children in comfort and safety.

A key safety feature of this vehicle is that it incorporates emergency braking assist technology. This can be crucial in the event of an emergency where high levels of braking are applied to the vehicle to avoid an accident or collision.

The vehicles safety management system will apply extra braking pressure in such circumstances that allows the vehicle to stop in a shorter distance then without such safety measures. Ford minibuses are also renowned for being exceptionally reliable vehicles. A review by auto express awarded the ford range of minibuses a five out of five rating that includes the recognition that these vehicles are highly reliable. 

Citroen Flexilite

The Citroen Flexilite is an ideal option for schools who wish to transport a larger number of pupils on trips and to transport them to school and back.

Its larger size and wheelbase allow it to transport up to seventeen people. The beauty of this vehicle is in its inherent flexibility. The layout of it can be modified to your requirements in terms of seating options and configurations. It has the potential for safely transporting up to four pupils who require the use of wheelchairs and uses wheelchair restraint to securely fasten them into the vehicle.

In terms of engine, the Citroen Flexilite uses a Citroen Relay 40 L4 H2 to power it which has been proven to be a reliable engine that can provide trouble free transport for extended years of service.

The vehicle also features electronic brake force distribution (EBFD) which ensures that braking pressures are adapted to each wheel depending on the overall load when it is being driven. This is another vital safety feature that ensures optimum braking levels when avoiding collisions or taking evasive action on the road. 

Peugeot Flexilite

If your school is looking for a minibus that seats fifteen people rather than seventeen, then the Peugeot Flexilite is a great option to consider. It also benefits from one of the most reliable and cost-effective engines on the market in the Extra 335 L3 H2 HDi Manual.

This engine provides a combined fuel consumption of up to 40.1 mpg which is more efficient than some similarly sized minibuses on the market. As an optional extra it can be fitted with a detachable tail lift that can be operated by remote control or an underfloor lifting system.

It is an exceptionally well-made vehicle and as such it will typically come with a twelve-year anti perforation warranty that serves as testament to its exceptional build quality and ability to offer trouble free motoring in all the elements. 

Toyota Proace Verso

When looking for a reliable minibus that can safely transport between seven and nine people (depending on specification) then the Toyota Proace Verso presents a smart choice for safety, reliability, and practicality. Toyotas have long been renowned for their exceptional build quality and well designed and efficient engines.

In this type of vehicle, its smaller dimensions and ultra-efficient engine allows it to achieve impressive fuel economy of up to 43.5 mpg on a combined cycle. The Toyota engines are both powerful and efficient. This type of vehicle makes an excellent choice for schools that are looking to add a smaller minibus to their transport fleet that is suitable for transportation to facilitate smaller group activities.

A notable feature that comes as standard on this range of vehicles is the hill start assist control (or HAC). This allows safe and easy movement when driving off from an incline.

The minibuses safety systems will ensure that sufficient braking power is automatically applied until the vehicle is in motion to prevent it rolling backwards and causing an accident.

To Sum Up

Four key brands and models of minibus have been discussed in this article that are all ideally suited to school use. Each brand offers high levels of reliability and have customization options that allow them to be perfectly tailored to the needs of your school and its pupils.