Impact of Standardised Assessments on Student Academic Performance

Impact of Standardised Assessments on Student Academic Performance

Understanding the impact of standardised assessments on the academic performance of students is important for all educators, school leaders, and parents. Academic standardised assessments have been used in schools and universities for a very long time. These standardised tests are designed to measure a student’s performance and understanding of the subject […]

How Does Career Counselling Process Work?

Career counselling is a process where career counselling experts help candidates, whether young students or adolescent individuals find the right career path. We live in challenging times where our education systems are forcing students in schools, colleges and universities to achieve beyond their capacities and scope of interests. Each one is […]

Forms of Technology in Education

technology in Education

Education is improving daily and it is progressing at the rate which technology progresses, it is the main factor that is making some changes in education through the mode of educating.The different new forms of new technology in education & UNCGenie include: The UseFlash Notes: This is the mode or the way through […]