Forms of Technology in Education

technology in Education

Education is improving daily and it is progressing at the rate which technology progresses, it is the main factor that is making some changes in education through the mode of educating.The different new forms of new technology in education & UNCGenie include:

  1. The UseFlash Notes: This is the mode or the way through which students are given the right to upload their notes that they get from the class and able to share with other students who maybe in need of the same. This helps students to share the scarce resources that they come a close with more especially outside the place they reside.

2. The Lore: This is another new technology that is being used in education.This is the process through which Facebook, tweeter, Instagram and other social networks platforms can be applied for learning.Here we find the social network giving the instructions, students are able to communicate with one another and also are able to check or make follow-up among themselves. These platforms allow them to conduct their discussions smoothly, complete their classroom assignment, interact with their instructors, seek and make further clarifications from their instructors at will. Social network and other social networks are becoming more important in education since the students are able to follow their lecturers regardless of what they have been uploading in their personal platform.

3.Study Blue: This is the mode at which one uses a certain application that is put in the mobile phone for easy access to education and a student has the ability to share different education idea to other students.This mode of education assists a lot to students since it has no limit, regardless the place one is or what one is doing can be able to access education through the phone app.

4.Chrome Books: This is another form of technology that is applied in education where laptops are used to ease the work of education. laptops are more beneficial and easy than the use of Ipads, we find laptops cheaper than the ipads, installing of applications is easy and very cheap too and also we find that laptops offer traditional keyboards which help for quick typing and note taking.

5. Online Learning 

Education has changed lot olden days we studied classrooms or smart class. Now situation changed to learn students using online courses. There are plenty of online learning website like Udemy, edx, coursera, providing powerful and best online courses. It’s the era changed to learn online lessons.

6.The Celly: This is a mode that gives a chance to create a text-messaging network and make it possible for others to contribute although the teachers are against it.This is a mode that assists the learners to contribute limitlessly; we get to find that a teacher creates the platform and the students contribute and ask what they don’t understand.

7.Flipped Classroom: This is the way at which the teacher or the instructor uses a video while teaching and distributes to the other students who may come with laptops or with phones in order to learn on their own.Students are able to get connected in the process of learning using their laptops or phones and this eases the work and also prevents time wastage.

8.Lesson Cast and Kind Blogging: This is another way of learning, this is the mode at which the teacher makes a record of the lesson before the start of the lesson and submits it before they get in the classroom.The teachers are also given a chance to get any syllabus changes from the instructors of education.Kind blogging helps in equipping students with knowledge. It is divided among different ages.The types have their own blogs where they get knowledge for kids and the teachers and parents assist to add more knowledge to the students.Blogging is making the students to make good decisions and the content found is more secure from any internet danger since the blog is monitored by certain individuals.

9.Glogster EDU and Donors Choose: This is the process through which students acquire the knowledge and ability to create and make videos, texts and also able to custom the graphics to create visual which is attractive to the eyes of others.Donors Choose is the process through which people come up with knowledge and are later assisted by other individuals in order to make it spread to other social media sites.This makes the project that is uploaded popular and may be beneficial to others who may be looking for such project.

10.Live binders and Knew Ton: This involves bookmarking and using the same ideas.The binders allow the educator to collect and organize resources for lesson plans. It can also be used by students who are carrying out big projects.Knew Ton is another form that tries to make personal information for optimal learning. It monitors the students’ activity and takes the responsibility of giving the best personal resources based on their level performance.


All these examples show that education is gaining a new face due to use of technology. Learners are finding it easy to carry out their learning activities more easily. The instructors are also finding it easy to deliver the content with the use of technology in class.

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