Top 6 historical places in India.

India is rich in culture, traditions, heritage buildings, temples, forts, and palaces. Famous Indian Monuments includes Old Churches of Goa, The Taj Mahal, Qutab Minar of Delhi, Charminar, Red Fort and Jantar Mantar, these are also few most visited Heritage Sites in India. These Historical Monuments are the only wealth of […]

Top 7 Best Travel Websites in India.

travel websites

with a list of tourist attractions, travel destinations, and historical places. There is a list of a travel agency in India offering travel packages at very affordable price and customized vacation. Also if you are looking for best astrologer in Ahmedabad you should connect to Mr Kapil Shastri who is well […]

Why Should You Buy a Hybrid Mattress?

Why Should You Buy a Hybrid Mattress?

Many people find it difficult to get a good night’s sleep. This is because the mattress they sleep on isn’t comfortable enough or doesn’t provide enough support. But you can resolve this issue by investing in a hybrid mattress, which offers both comfort and stability. We know that mattresses with high-quality […]

The Gucci Mane Net Worth- $12 million

gucci mane

He did it through the internet, making us witness in the first person a dizzying descent into hell that would culminate in a foreseeable and inevitable entry into prison. Social media generally buzz about Gucci mane net worth. It is impossible to forget that surreal succession of nonsense in which Gucci Mane […]

A Weekend in Chandigarh

A weekend in Chandigarh

I was always convinced that a break would help me maintain my frequency as a writer. But that’s the thing about being a writer, you get a break when you feel the need to. The weekend was planned – almost as if it was pre-emptive to my future breaks and financial […]

Almora, Binsar and Nainital

Almora, Binsar and Nainital

For more than two years, my school friends and I’ve been planning a six-day trip to Nainital, Almora and Binsar. Every time, the plan is either aborted or one member of the team keeps decreasing. Ultimately, the trip doesn’t take place and everyone goes back to leading their mundane lives. But […]

Top 5 Places Around Bangalore

Bangalore lies right in the middle of South India. The capital of Karnataka has plenty of tourist destinations, delicious South Indian food, and welcoming people. For those who want to take a break from the fast-paced city life, an outstation getaway from Bangalore can be a perfect escape.  Fortunately, the city […]