5 Benefits of Using Online Forms on a Business Website

Online forms can provide many benefits to businesses. The fact that they are able to capture data so effectively within websites, apps, or social media makes them an invaluable tool that businesses can use in many ways.

Some of the main benefits that can be gained by incorporating online forms into business websites include:

  • Lead generation

One of the most common ways in which businesses use online forms is to collect data for leads. Normally this is done by placing a form on a website and encouraging users to sign-up or register their interest – in exchange for an incentive such as a free gift, coupon, or other offer.

To capitalize on this benefit, you should structure your online forms to be as simple as possible – making it easier for potential leads to fill it out.

  • Customer queries and feedback

Another common way for businesses to use online forms is to provide customers with a way to contact them, make enquiries, and provide feedback. Using forms will provide an easy and convenient option for customers to get in touch directly from your website, while at the same time allowing data to be collected in a way that is easier for you to process as well.

  • Online orders and payments

Unsurprisingly online forms are at the heart of ecommerce-styled websites for businesses and are used in a variety of different ways to collect data regarding orders and payments. Without online forms you’d have a hard time creating any sort of reliable ecommerce system, and even if you did it would be far less convenient for customers.

  • Market research

Market research is important to every business, and any insights you can gain into your target market and their interests, problems, or behavior could be useful. Online forms can facilitate that research, and can be set up on your website in the form of polls, questionnaires, voting systems, or anything else.

  • Data segmentation and analysis

All the data collected via online forms is pre-segmented based on the fields in the structure of the form. Because of that it isn’t that difficult to segment it further, or conduct analysis based on the data.

In particular this benefit is especially effective when used to segment leads, organize customer enquiries, analyze market research data, or categorize orders. That being said it does extend to all other types of online forms – and will help you more effectively utilize any data that you gather.

To truly benefit from online forms in the manner described above, it is important that you’re able to create and structure forms the way that your business requires. That is why the form builder that you use is important, and for example you may want to try AidaForm.

Now that you’re aware of the benefits of using online forms on business websites – try to take advantage of them. At the end of the day if used strategically, the data you gather from online forms could help increase your bottom line significantly.