7 Sleep Gadgets You Might Want

Sleep can be improved with gadgets – I know you find that hard to grasp, especially as we tell you not to sleep beside electronics, however it’s the case. Here are some of the best for a better night’s rest. 

1) Eight Smart Mattress:

This sensor-based mattress is designed to help people sleep better so they wake up refreshed. It can monitor your sleep patterns all throughout the night, giving you very actionable suggestions on steps you can take to possibly improve your sleep quality. It also sports dual-zone bed warming, offering you supreme comfort so you can relax all night. Also, the smart alarm can wake you up when you’re in your lightest stages of sleep. If you want to review mattress reviews then check out these ones at Slumber Search.

2) Awair:

If you want a good night of sleep, then you need an environment that’s good for sleeping. That can mean eliminating various distractions, like light and noise, but you also need to account for the air quality. Awair is smart technology that you can use to track the chemicals and toxins in the air around you so that you get remain healthy and enjoy breathing easier. You’ll also get a sleep report each morning which analyzes your bedroom so you know how the air in there impacts your sleep quality. Indoor air pollution isn’t something that many people think about, but it can have a profoundly negative influence on your sleep.

3) Philips Hue White & Color Starter Kit:

Smart lights can be great investments because the sleep cycles of people often get dictated by light. With a Philips Hue light, you can actually mimic the gradually dimming light of a sunset so you drift off to sleep. You can even switch out lights to relaxing orange colors at night to give your brain signals that the time has come to wind down. You can even trigger a morning wake-up light that uses lights to wake you up naturally.

4) Calm:

This is an app which emphasizes meditation and mindfulness, which both help you enjoy better sleep. Just a bit of guided meditation late in the evening can promote deeper sleep by calming down anxiety. It’s particularly useful for anyone that regularly has trouble getting to sleep.

5) Dodow:

This is a digital sleep lamp that insomniacs developed in order to help you drift off quickly. It coordinates and even slows down your breathing by using a hypnotizing blue light which stimulates the natural resting state of your body.

6) Smart Nora:

Snoring is something that can interrupt your sleep, causing many problems if you share a bed. This revolutionary product detects snoring throughout your night. You put this inside your pillow so that it gently adjusts your pillow if you start snoring. That can stimulate your throat muscles, which allows for your natural breathing to resume. It helps both the snorer and their partner get sound sleep all night long.

7) Nest Thermostat:

Improper bedroom temperature is a primary cause of tossing and turning at night. Optimal sleep happens in an ideal temperature range of 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit. Keeping a room too cold or too hot can impact sleep. Nest is a smart thermostat that can help you in regulating bedroom temperature for inducing sleep.