The Top Logo Trends to Look Outfor in 2019

2019 isnowonly a handful of weeksaway and businesses of allsizes are alreadypreparingforwhatthe new year has in store. Majortrendssuch as anincrease in cross-channel marketing and organic online searches are set to dominatetheretailindustry and yet, somebusinesses are hoping to redesigntheirimage in thecomingmonths. Thisisoftenaccomplishedbydeveloping a bespoke logo thatisable to displaythecorevalues of thecompany in question. […]

Ways to Become Self-Employed

Being self-employed is exciting, but it can be scary. The thought of unsteady work is enough to send many people to the standard 9-5 office environment, where consistent pay is (mostly) guaranteed. While working for oneself does get it’s fair share of miserable naysayers, there is actually a lot of opportunity […]