50K Food Franchises to Own: Which Ones Are The Best Options

If you’ve ever thought about putting up a business but have no idea where to start, consider buying a franchise instead. If you want to learn more about franchising your business or buying a franchise, click here now.

When it comes to franchising, a food business usually comes to mind as it is a popular area in franchising. If you are looking for a food business to franchise with 50k to start, listed below are some options offering excellent franchise support.

Happy’s Pizza

Pizza is certainly a crowd favorite, and having a pizza food franchise won’t be difficult to sell. While Happy’s Pizza takes pride in their pizza creation, they also offer other food options, including their takes of chicken, ribs, and seafood.

If you decide to buy this franchise, the company will provide its operators with appropriate training to manage the business well. This includes seven days of training and two weeks of in-store management training.

Upon opening your store, their support staff is willing to assist their franchisees with inventory control, marketing, prep, and food updates, as well as staffing. The good thing about Happy’s Pizza is that it does not charge any royalty or advertising fees.

The company is also willing to help their franchisees with the following:

  • Equipment
  • Site selection
  • Fixture
  • Lease negotiations assistance
  • Inventory suppliers
  • Signage
  • Construction standards

Burrito Shak

This food franchise offers Mexican food and a menu that goes for a coastal, beachy vibe. They first opened in North Carolina back in 2015 and has since then branched out to several locations. Their goal is to serve quality ingredients in flavorful recipes fast. If this is what you are looking for in a restaurant, you might consider Burrito Shak.

Each item on their menu is taken after a surf break, beach town or fish. The place is decorated simply in a comfortable, beachy style. Customers can choose from different tacos, burritos, nachos, bowls, and quesadillas for every entrée they order.

They have a made-to-order menu, which is made to cater to different tastes and preferences. They also offer a kids’ menu that customers of all ages could still enjoy.

The company offers its franchisees various support, including:

  • Recipe creation
  • Simple menu using a mixture of ingredients
  • Training and support before store opening
  • Ongoing support
  • Tech tools
  • Marketing assistance
  • Operations manual

Simple Simon’s Pizza

The business has been around for more than 30 years, and strives to meet its simple goal of serving the best pizza, sandwiches, and calzones in a fun, family-friendly atmosphere.

Simple Simon’s Pizza aims to provide their franchisees with experienced company personnel to help in choosing the location to place business. This is done to ensure that the franchisee will maximize their operations based on the cost, market, and functionality.

The company will also be responsible for providing samples of the building plans and floor plan models, as well as other specifications that architects and contractors will use in building or remodeling the chosen location. The company will also help in finding the appropriate equipment for the pizza store.

Simple Simon’s Pizza aims to provide the following to their franchisees:

  • Training on various areas, including product preparation, inventory control, personnel hiring, and development, as well as marketing techniques.
  • Assistance during the opening of your store.
  • Operations manual and training videos to use as references.
  • Purchasing to help franchisees’ inventories maintained at competitive pricing.
  • Ongoing assistance to make sure that operational standards are met.
  • They will also help in creating strategies to improve customer base.

Philly Pretzel

The business was first opened in 1998 with their first franchise offered in 2004. At present, it has more than 100 franchise locations all over the country. This business not only offers pretzels to their customers but also frozen lemonade, cheesesteak-stuffed pretzels, pretzel dogs and sausages, and dipping sauces.

For their franchisees, they aim to provide support via their franchise support managers who will maintain the efficiency of all operations and improve sales. Here are other things that a Philly Pretzel franchise will enjoy:

  • Construction assistance
  • Real estate assistance
  • Training program
  • Pre-opening checklist
  • On-site support upon opening
  • Access to the operations and marketing manuals
  • Inclusion in its corporate website
  • Annual conventions
  • Community involvement programs
  • Franchise operations committee
  • Daily field support

Closing Thoughts

Franchising a food business is an excellent idea for people who don’t have a business idea but can manage a business. With a franchise, you already have the plan worked out. Whether you want to start young or already at your prime, a food franchise is still a great option. If you think you have the management skills and the love for food, consider a food franchise as your stepping stone in the business world.