The Top Logo Trends to Look Outfor in 2019

2019 isnowonly a handful of weeksaway and businesses of allsizes are alreadypreparingforwhatthe new year has in store. Majortrendssuch as anincrease in cross-channel marketing and organic online searches are set to dominatetheretailindustry and yet, somebusinesses are hoping to redesigntheirimage in thecomingmonths. Thisisoftenaccomplishedbydeveloping a bespoke logo thatisable to displaythecorevalues of thecompany in question. Are thereanytrendsthat are expected to take center stage in 2019 and whattools can owners use ifthey hope to obtain a competitiveedge?

Simple, Responsive and Authentic 

Simplicity has played a powerful role withinthe  brandingindustry overthepastfewyears. Forexample, American Express isnowoften re-brandedsimply s “AmEx” while Google issometimespresented as simplytheletter G whenaccessinguserfeaturessuch as email services. Whyisthisthe case?Manybelievethat a reductioniststanceisbetterable to conveythecorevalues of a company to theenduser. Thedays of superfluous logo designs are quicklycoming to a close, so itdoesindeedappearthatbrevitywillrepresentthesoul of wit in 2019.

Responsive logo designs are likely to gain more groundthroughoutthecomingyear. To be completelyfair, thisobservationisnothing new. Companiesnowneed to engagewithanincreasinglymobileaudience, so cross-devicecompatibilityiskey to marketing success. Thisisalsoone of thereasonswhy simple brandingtends to be preferredover more complicatedgraphics; it can displayeasieronsmallerscreens.

Authenticityis a final trend to examine in greaterdetail. Thefact of thematteristhatconsumers are becoming more wary in regards to thecompaniesthattheychoose to do businesswith. Overlycorporate logos tend to give off what can only be called a slightly “cold” flavor; especiallywhendealingwithfirmsthatwish to conveytheimportance of theaveragecustomer. Thus, we are seeing a rise in thenumber of hand-drawngraphicswithinthemarketplace. Such a natural aestheticis set to appeal to the “human” side of sales. It can also be used to build a rapportwith new clients. Itisthereforelikelythatwewillseeanincrease in thenumber of personalizedfonts as well as logos thatdisplay a decidedlydown-to-earthnature.

However, thetrendsexpected to come to theforefront of the 2019 marketplacegofarbeyondgraphics and outer appeal. Companies are nowleveragingthepower of online serviceswhich are able to design logos in a matter of seconds once thecorrectinformationisprovided. What are some of thebenefitsassociatedwiththesemethods?

More thanBrainstormingAlone

Even marketing experts can sometimesfindthatthey are bereft of novel and turnkeysolutions to complicatedbrandingdemands. Online logo generators and similar toolsallowthem to viewtheprojectfrom a differentperspective; leading to inspirationthatmightotherwise be lacking.

Thetechnicalside of theseplatformsisjust as important to appreciate. Professional logo generators such as thoseofferedbyOberlo are packedwith a number of user-friendlytools. Theseincludecountlessuniqueicons, theability to changethe position of thegraphics, a kaleidoscope of differentcolors, and animpressivenumber of variations of a specificbusinessname. The real questionishowsuch a professionaltool can be used to complimenttraditionalmarketing methods.

Thefirststep (as always) is to brainstormabout a specificdesign. Thisisarguablythemostimportantportion of theentireprocess. Still, never be afraid to askfortheopinion of othersifyouhappen to requireanadditionallevel of insight. Itisalsowise to writedownevery idea; regardless of howoutlandishsomemayinitiallyappear. There are always times when a portion of an original concept can be incorporatedintothe final design. Someotherpowerfulapproachesthatshouldalways be consideredinclude.

  • Drawingthe logos byhand in order to experiment and viewtheirskeletalappearance.
  • Taking a look at logos associatedwiththe top businesseswithinyour sector.
  • Determiningwhetherornotthe logo in questionwillwork in synergywiththeexistingdesign of yourwebsite

On a final note, keep in mindthatyour logo needs to stand outfromthecrowd. Avoidanyconceptsthatmightappear to be too similar to otherorganizations. Thiswillonlyconfusecustomers in thelongroad and itcouldeven lead to copyright issues.

Takingadvantage of thelatest logo trends in 2019 requires a knowledge of theavailabletechnology. Appreciatingbothconceptswillhelpyourbusinessthrivewithin a competitiveenvironment.