Rubbish Removal London And How It Improves Neighbourhoods

London has always been a city filled with people, and with over just under 10 million now living in the capital, it’s easy to imagine just how much waste the city’s people produce! While it was known in Victorian times for being one of the dirtiest cities in the world, over time the city’s councils & companies such as Clearabee have been doing their best to keep the build up of rubbish to a minimum. Rubbish removal London has become a big, ongoing project to keep the city’s streets looking clean, tidy and safe for children to play in!

Health & Safety

While how a neighbourhood looks is important, the first priority of the London Mayor’s office is to improve the health of the city’s population, and one way to do that is to reduce the amount of rubbish on the streets. This serves a number of purposes for public health, the first being that it lowers the amount of rodents and pests roaming the streets such as pigeons, foxes, mice and rats, which all carry disease that can be picked up my humans (such as the Black Plague!). The second is that it reduces the amount of waste that drains into the water supply, easing the burden on waste water cleaning companies ad public bodies. Finally, lowering the amount of rubbish on the streets removes possible obstacles, trip hazards and slippages from being present, making sure that people won’t hurt themselves.


Another aspect of rubbish removal London is how it makes a street look and feel. Communities can take pride in their surroundings when they have clean, usable streets, without abandoned buildings, dangerous obstacles and gardens that aren’t tended to. This pride makes them feel more civic duty to their neighbours and surroundings, improves their happiness and can also improve their every day confidence as they know they have a beautiful home to go back to at the end of the day!

Neighbourhood Beautification

Neighbourhood beautification is one of the results of rubbish removal London that the mayor’s office is attempting to enact. Communities and councils use companies such as Clearabee to remove rubbish for residents in the local area so that they can then focus on more domestic matters, such as tidying their gardens, preventing graffiti on walls on their streets and the like. It also frees up their time to take on more civic matters such as lobbying their local council to collect rubbish more often, or use landfills less and recycle their neighbourhood’s rubbish more. it also allows them to perform services such as renovating their homes and repainting the outside walls of their houses and businesses to look cleaner and brush away some of the dirt and sot of London.

How To Beautify a NeighbourHood Efficiently

It’s important that when attempting to beautify a neighbourhood, all facets of that neighbourhood are joined in common purpose to do it. If there’s only a few residents on a street attempting to clean their own home’s outside areas, it won’t make much difference overall. At the same time, if it’s just the council doing so by providing more rubbish removal London services and recycling opportunities, and people aren’t taking them, then again it won’t make a difference. The important thing to be done is that the entire neighbourhood, the council and local companies work together to improve a neighbourhood for the sake of themselves and any visitors and tourists and any rubbish generated from this is taken away by a reputable rubbish collection company that diverts rubbish from landfills to recycling opportunities.

Overall, London is a city that is constantly growing and developing new neighbourhoods. While the most efficient way of taking care of it is to build rubbish removal systems while building new communities, it’s important that communities with rubbish problems contact companies such as Clearabee with a proven track record of redirecting 90% of rubbish that is heading for landfills.