Glo: Excellence In Yoga And Meditation Online

Yoga has been practiced for millennia. To compare it merely to a form of stretching would negate its strength and meditative benefits. Experienced practitioners understand how yoga focuses beyond flexibility. A vast collection of asanas and philosophy amassed a certain wisdom. From generation to generation, an innate essence has become what the world knows today as yoga. Meditation is so ingrained into yoga practice that most teachers include it at the beginning and end of each class.

The Many Benefits of Yoga and Meditation Online

Learning yoga at your own pace is essential. Add high-quality content available at home, and the limits of your practice may know no bounds. By not needing to adhere to a studio’s schedule, you are free to explore the intricacies of things like refined asanas, chakra anatomies, and deep meditation with the world’s most respected teachers.

About the Go-anywhere Glo App

Glo is a user friendly app for practicing yoga and meditation online that can be downloaded to any device. It’s more than an online video collection. Glo makes yoga always accessible and for students at any level. The app presents yoga classes just like the ones at a studio. Students benefit from detailed suggestions, comprehensive programs, and organized structure. Choose from various yoga types to suit your needs, personalities, and help sustain a high-quality lifestyle.

Why Choose Glo

There is a reason why Glo is often the top choice among yoga apps. It is designed around the lifestyles of real people. Glo created an intimate learning environment. It might be most beneficial for people who find attending a local studio a challenge. The app is also great for people on a budget. Even if you easily manage both of these issues, the sheer comprehensiveness of Glo’s collection of classes is of great value. Its library spans several years in development. There is also a blog of insightful and fun-to-read articles to help deepen your practice of yoga and meditation online. Here is a list of how each class is identified:

  • Experience Level
  • Type of Practice
  • Teacher’s Name
  • Recommended Props
  • Area of Focus
  • Duration

You can try Glo risk-free for the first 15 days. This is more than enough time to get acquainted with how classes are presented and feel its impact in your life. Yoga and meditation online with Glo will fit any schedule. Classes are available from as little as 5 minutes in duration to over 90 minutes or more. With over 3,000 completed videos, you will have seemingly endless hours of unique practice. Even the abbreviated classes are presented so as to take you into a real-life studio.

Meditation to Support all Practices

Yoga and meditation go hand in hand. Meditation online with Glo includes traditional yoga classes like ‘Finding Peace’ and ‘Balance your Heart and Mind’. There are variable class difficulty levels like ‘Simply Savasana’ to more challenging presentations like ‘Be with What Is’. Here is a list of some level 1 courses that you can preview or try with your free trial:

  • Cultivating Self-Love
  • Impermanence Meditation
  • What’s Your Motivation?
  • Inner Space of Bliss
  • Meditation for Frustrated Parents


Glo offers programs that anyone can learn at home. It provides users with a journey at all levels and for every mood. Glo can become a prized asset for all yoga practitioners who wish to elevate their lifestyle.