10 Eco – Adventures in North Carolina

Eco-adventures are becoming extremely popular. You may wonder why but the answer is simple, it’s possible to have a great vacation while helping the planet and perhaps even learning something yourself.

If you’re wondering what to do for your next vacation then consider these 10 Eco-adventures in North Carolina.

  1. The Little Tennessee River

Check out the natural beauty and the culture of the Little Tennessee River, it’s one of the most biologically diverse places in the southern Appalachians and was once the heart of the Cherokee Indians.

  1. Bee Farming

If you’ve ever fancied trying bee farming then this is a great introduction! You’ll get to see a hive up close and personal, as well as discovering everything you need to know about the life of a bee.

The bonus is you’ll get to try some stunning honey while surrounded by the mountains.

  1. Cataloochee Valley Tour

The Cataloochee Valley is a nature lover’s paradise but not an easy one to find! It’s best to take the tour and ensure you experience everything this stunning piece of nature has to offer.

  1. The Crystal Coast

The coast always offers an abundance of opportunities to see birds and other wildlife in their natural habitats. What better way to see everything there is to offer than by taking a boat trip with a knowledgeable Captain?

  1. Maggie Valley

There are a host of summer and winter activities in Maggie Valley for you to take part in but what you must do is check out Lake Lure, where many of the scenes were shot for Dirty Dancing, including the famous lake lift scene.

It may not strictly be an eco-adventure but it’s certainly a cultural experience, especially if you visit when the Dirty Dancing Festival is on.

  1. SnakeRoot Tour

Just an hour away from Asheville you’ll find some of the most diverse and temperate forests in the world. There are in excess of 1500 flowering plants and a mass of fungi and small animals. The fact that you’ll be touring in the shadow of the Black Mountains just adds to the adventure.

  1. Carolina Beach

It doesn’t have to be all hiking. Check out what the water has to offer with a kayak or paddle board , you’ll get to see the places that both early Europeans and native Americans called home.  It’s an amazing experience.

  1. Swamp Park

This is an actual swamp where you can experience an array of wildlife as you explore the swampland both on foot and in the eco-boat.

You can also have a little fun at this park with the zip lines and tree bridges. This park is actually home to the longest and tallest guided zipline tour on the Eastern seaboard!

  1. Hurricane Fleet

Try your hand at fishing or simply look out for dolphins with the Hurricane Fleet which will take you out into the Gulf stream. The beauty if this is you’ll go out in a shrimp boat and can actually watch the dolphins feeding.

  1. Corolla Outback

Finally, complete your eco-adventure in North Carolina by checking out the Corolla Outback. In fact, this is the area that exists after the road ends.

You’ll see the Wild Horses Estates Conservation easement, refuge areas, and an abundance of sanctuary sites. Of course, there are plenty of birds and wildlife to witness as well.