Is Aspen, Colorado Expensive?

Aspen, Colorado is popular as a ski town, but it is more than that. This vacation hotspot has a lot to offer for every visitor year-round. Whether it is nightlife, food, art, or music, among others, there are plenty of reasons to visit Aspen. It offers exciting experiences that will make your vacation epic.

If there is one thing that hinders many people from going to Aspen, it would be the fact that this little town is expensive. Whether you are looking for the best hotels in Aspen, Colorado, planning where to eat, or thinking of the activities to enjoy, you may end up being depressed after learning how steep the prices are! Just like other ski towns, Aspen can drain your wallet. The key, however, is to plan ahead to enjoy your holiday without spending like a king.

The Cost of Travel in Aspen

According to Lonely Planet, the daily cost of mid-range travel in Aspen, Colorado will be anywhere from $100 to $250. Staying in winter hostels can cost $85 to $100. For summer hotel rooms, on the other hand, the cost can be $100 to $150. Meals in a local restaurant will approximately be $15 to $25. The average cost of car rental is $30.

If you are a budgettraveler, you can bring the costs down and spend less than $100 a day. You need to be frugal in terms of accommodation, food, and activities to do this. It also means sacrificing a bit of comfort to save money. You will be sleeping in a room that looks like a hostel and a bit away from the prime skiing spots.

For high-end travelers, on the other hand, the overall daily cost of traveling in Aspen is more than $250. Meals in an upscale restaurant can cost as much as $100.

Why Is Aspen Expensive

Now that we have talked about the average daily cost of traveling to Aspen, let us take a look at why this place costs so much. Among others, one of the reasons for this is its prime location. It has the most gorgeous valleys you will ever find. It is made of four mountains. It also houses some of the best snow sports schools in the world, making it a location that demands a premium price.

Another reason why Aspen is expensive is the fact that it is difficult to access. There is no major airport that directly services the area. The major airport is a long drive away. The ultra-rich can access it easily with a chartered or private plane.

You can also blame supply and demand. It is a remote and luxurious ski town that is hard to reach. Despite this, there is a high demand, especially for the rich vacationers. To manage the demand, the prices are rising. In turn, this limits the number of people who are visiting Aspen. They focus on quality over quantity, unlike other affordable and crowded vacation hotspots.

The target market of Aspen is also a logical reason why the prices are ridiculously high. Historically, it is the vacation of choice of wealthy and famous personalities. The glitz and glamor of Aspen attracted the rich holidaymakers. It has five-star hotels and resorts, fine-dining experiences, and high-end stores. This is where you get the best quality of life while you are on a vacation. All of these will come at a cost, which is too expensive for the average vacationer.

How To Save Money When Travelling in Aspen

While Aspen is indeed an expensive place, this does not mean that this destination is reserved for the ultra-rich. Despite the luxurious hotels and fine dining scene, there are many ways to explore this ski town on a budget.  It may be surprising for some of you, but Aspen is accessible even on the cheap.

Among others, one of the best ways to make your trip in Aspen cheaper is to choose the right time to travel. According to U.S. News, the best time to visit is during the winter from December to February. This time, the snowfall reaches more than 200 inches, making it a great time for winter sports enthusiasts. Unfortunately, this also means that it is the most expensive time of the year to go on a vacation when in Aspen. If you want to save money, plan to visit during shoulder season closures. The town becomes quieter at this time, with some establishments closing. You will enjoy Aspen without the crowd and sans the high cost of living.

Booking early also helps you to save money. Whether it is a  hotel booking or lift tickets, you can enjoy huge discounts if you book ahead of time. You can save as much as 20% if you book months in advance. The savings can even be bigger if you decide to visit during the shoulder or low season.

To save money on your holiday, avoid renting a car. It may seem convenient and comfortable, but this can add up to the expenses in Aspen. After all, the drive is not that long. It is best to take the bus instead. There are even buses that offer free transfers in key destinations.

Do not discount the packaged deals when vacationing in Aspen. Look for stay-and-ski deals, which can provide the best value for the money. They may include free nights and meals, even lift discounts. Go online and you will not run out of options for Aspen packages. However, be cautious. If it is too good to be true, there is a reason to be wary. Do your research to have the assurance that you are booking packages only from legitimate companies.

Wrap Up

Truth is, Aspen is expensive! Usual of a ski town, the cost of living can be too much for most vacationers, especially young people on a budget. From the hotel to food, the expenses can quickly build-up for a multi-day adventure exploring its four mountains. However, this does not mean that Aspen is not for people seeking budget-friendly travel destinations. There is a way to enjoy Aspen even when you do not have the money to splurge.