Awesome Benefits Of ITIL Training in 2017

ITIL training 2017

Why should you know about ITIL training? What does help experts to run the largest IT companies in our world?

Do you dream to become a master of Information Technology?

The day we become smart, we realize a true fact of our lives.

“Time does not stop for anyone.”

Now give a thought to this question.

Is it possible to stop ourselves for the TIME in order to discover latest trends of the IT business and career?

Stop your watch till you read this article and achieve your own Hammer(Not Thor’s) of ITIL training which will win you a whole new world of possibilities.

What is ITIL Certification?

Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a set of best processes and practices to provide high quality IT services.

ITIL can be used by an organization to meet its special needs.

Many IT businesses are struggling to find the right talent to stay competitive and successful.

While an ITIL certified employee has a number of unique qualities in order to tackle the industry’s emerging challenges.

To enhance the quality, and effectiveness of your IT services, applying ITIL framework is the best choice for your organization.

ITIL Version 3

The latest and third ITIL version is ITIL V3.

 The ITIL V2 was all about basic IT operations while ITIL version 3 focuses on using IT services as a tool to achieve business goals.

The ITIL V3 is divided into 5 parts:

  1. Service Strategy
  2. Service Design
  3. Service Transition
  4. Service Operation
  5. Continual Service Improvement.

ITIL Certification Benefits for individuals

A large number of Organizations are relying on the common practices and methodologies of ITIL.

ITIL Certification validates your knowledge about ITIL and ITSM to a potential employer that helps to develop your career.

It provides confidence for action which results in decent career growth.

It allows candidates to make a greater contribution and to increase communication among people that causes a better productivity for the company.

Some important Positions and Roles are mentioned below who can benefit from ITIL training:

  • Problem Manager
  • Customer Service Staff
  • Quality Analysts
  • Delivery Professionals
  • Change Manager
  • Process Owners
  • system Administrators
  • IT architects
  • Department Heads

Organizational Advantages of ITIL Training

The ITIL approaches encourage the organizations to focus on how to increase customer satisfaction.

It supports service providers to build the trust and to create new ways and methods in order to deliver premium IT solutions for customers.

By implementing ITIL framework, the IT professionals are able to utilize all resources and assets in a better way that increases ROI(Return on Investment) of IT and TOI(Total Cost of Ownership).

IT departments of the organizations also accomplish higher revenue generation with increased business productivity.

Employees have better visibility and awareness of global standard practices.

To know more about such benefits,

5 Levels of ITIL Certification

The objective of ITIL certification is to enhance accomplishments and achieve certain service levels.

The ITIL certification scheme has five different levels:

ITIL Foundation Certification

Foundation level exam is the entry level exam which covers the basic knowledge of all practices, procedures, and elements of ITIL service lifecycle.

This exam is open to anyone who has an interest in the subject.

Those who want to have a basic understanding of ITSM systems can benefit by this certification.

To qualify for practitioner level and intermediate level certification, foundation level is mandatory for aspiring candidates.

ITIL Practitioner

This level is next level of ITIL certification scheme.

It helps individuals to improve their skills in order to adopt and adapt ITIL in organizations.

To be eligible for this level you will require gaining specified credits in Foundation level.

ITIL Intermediate

Once you clear practitioner level, you will be eligible for Intermediate level certification.

For a deeper understanding of ITIL practices, professionals complete this level of ITIL certification scheme.

In the beginning of this article, I shared 5 service lifecycle modules of ITIL Intermediate certification.

There are also 4 service capability modules of ITIL Intermediate Certification.

The Capability Modules are:-

  1. Service Offerings and Agreements
  2. Release, Control, and Validation
  3. Operational Support, and Analysis
  4. Planning, Protection, and Optimization

ITIL Expert

After achieving certification for ITIL Foundation, Practitioner, and Intermediate level you are qualified to attend ITIL Expert level certification.

Apart from it, you must have a fair knowledge of ITIL practices and approaches across the ITIL Service Lifecycle.

ITIL Expert certification is a prerequisite for the ITIL Master certification.

This level is designed for those who are ambitious to gain a higher level of knowledge of ITIL certification scheme.

ITIL Master

Candidates who wish to apply ITIL practices in real-world situations are applicable for ITIL Master level when they have achieved all four levels of ITIL certification scheme.

Professionals who are serious enough to achieve ITIL Master certification make a place for themselves at the top of their field.

ITIL Foundation Certification cost in India

Generally, the cost for Foundation level exam varies from 13K to 17K depends upon which institute or platform you choose for the exam.

Here you can find out more about certification cost.

How to clear foundation exam in the first attempt

Now you have decided to be certified for foundation level of ITIL Certification.

Here are some quick tips for your exam.

  • Focus on practicing as many as sample papers and practice tests you can before your exam because practice and only practice can help you evaluate your strengths and weaknesses properly.
  • Use real life examples to understand the concepts. It will help you to relate your learning to the problems and you will be able to answer all questions easily.
  • Stay positive during your preparation for ITIL Foundation level because it is equally important to prepare honestly and to perform well in your exam.


I hope I have given you the best knowledge about ITIL certification training.

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