Top 4 Ways for College Students to Make Money Easily

If you are thinking making money means high-barrier ways, you are wrong. If you are a college student and you want to make some money easily, keep on reading. Making some money while you are a student won’t help you to earn a million or pay your bills, but you will get many skills and it will really expand your college experience.

 Coming with Forbes, many people who are in the Forbes list started working when they were 15, 16 or 17. Making money while you are a student is a unique chance to understand what you like, how you foresee your career in the future and which university to choose. It turned out that more than 85 percent of college students work minimum part-time. It is valuable experience and, we cannot ignore to mention that it is additional money.

 Making money while you are a fresh man or a few days to finish college student can help you to buy books or make resumes while keeping up with your own studies. We have written for you the best ways for college mates to make money on the side. We want to show that working while you’re a student is not had, you just need to find your way.

Check out  And See this page  the next 4-ways to earn money and choose those you like the most.

  1. Every university has IT support and they always look for someone who can help

If you understand how to print or how to troubleshoot and how to re-new Internet connection, then working as IT support admin is your way to make money while renaming a college student.

How to spread the world? In campus or in university you are able to use business cards, flyers or make a page on the Internet. Do not forget to use info job boards, they are helpful to spread the world. Then you are able to establish regular hours at the campus center where students are able to come for your help. For beginning we recommend making a flat or hourly fee. If you do not want to work at the university, you can start your IT career with hourly fee 15-16 $ per hour.

Again, the price majorly depends on skills and the expertise and definitely the demand and supply ratio. For example, a data scientist will get more pay compared to a desktop support guy.

  1. Brand ambassador

You saw those good-looking fashionistas you observe around university or on the street handing out free stuff: food, T-shirts, pens? Those people are bloggers or brand ambassadors. They are being paid by brands and companies to hand out different free stuff to draw buyers’ attention. You can do it at parties, on different events, on campus or around town. There a lot of thing to promote, for example online essay service, that will definitely have huge interest among students. To promote the brand and certain products, you can start at 16$ per hour or ask for flexible pay.

  1. Cleaning service

Any cleaning jobs around the campus or in homes can fit you because it perfectly gets with your class schedule. There is also another advantages; there are no startup costs at all. If you work with clients who provide their own cleaning stuff, solutions and equipment. What do you need to start? Just the sweat, a couple of old rags, spray bottle and that is all.

 At the beginning we recommend mapping out how many rooms or square meters you will be cleaning, just to see your cleaning expectations. If you need to clarify something with the client, do it before you start. This job is trust-based if you will be working in someone’s home. And when you do good work, the referrals and affiliates will come. Speaking of salary, you can make $20-40 an hour! But it depends on your location and client.

Where to start marking?

You can start with building a client list by creating profiles on home services marketplaces, including colleges and universities. We recommend choosing Handy Pro or Zaarly or TaskRabbit.

 You can check AppStore or Google Play to find out even more interesting applications for your job. Once you take a look into the interesting offers and requirements for each site, you will be able to choose. All of them are different and you need to be attention when choosing some task. E.g., Handy Pro website requires a year of paid experience in the services you’re marketing. That is the reason you need to look and read each website Terms or Service.

  1. Mover

It really has no difference you will help other students to move or your locals in town, the major thing is that you can make up to $200 per move and tips. But you have to keep it mind that it largely depends on location.

One question though – It says movers can make between $75 up to $200 per move, dependent on your location and the company. The work isn’t for everyone.

 It’s physically hard work that involves lifting heavy materials, so you need to be in shape. But, it’s a flexible job, and the pay is good, so you can be a part of some movie business or to start your own. The latter requires investments, word-of-mouth, using different social media, flyers and a website. If you think you can handle it; do it.

 There a few ways to start marking with your moving business. We can mention, you can create a profile on Taskrabbit or use some application to advertise your services. You can join a student moving service, like Bellhops (jobs pay between $75-$100 per job, as for Alex Elsea, head of growth at Bellhops) and Dolly.

 Both companies provide a lot of autonomy over your schedule and start at $15 an hour for moving. If you own a van or truck, that rate can raise up to $30 an hour, as for Dolly.

 As you can clearly see, making money while you are still in college is not that hard. You have to choose things you like and just do them to make some money. Again, you won’t make millions, but it will help you to pay rent, buy books for study and which is more and more important for your future, get skills for your career or business.