4 Top Roller Skating Trends

Roller Skating

Roller skating is making a huge comeback, and this can be attributed to many things. One of them is the fact that more people today seem to be concerned about their health, and skating is one of the most fun and easiest ways to burn calories. Roller skating sports are also growing in popularity, which may explain why the sales of roller skates are up across the board. Let’s take a look at a few hot roller-skating trends to watch out for in 2022.

Roller Derby

Roller derby as an activity is exploding at the moment with leagues forming all over the country. The trend is not limited to the US, however. As a matter of fact, the US is not even in the top five of the biggest roller derby countries. New Zealand is the country where roller derby is most popular, followed by France, Argentina, and Spain.

Roller derby has become more accessible for many reasons. People can easily find roller derby skates online that will allow them to compete with the best without breaking the bank. Roller derby is also one of the most inclusive sports there is, and you don’t need to be a top athlete to play. We can expect roller derby to continue to become more popular as it gets more attention from the media.

Roller Skating TikTok Videos

TikTok has a massive influence on pop culture and trends, and, if you didn’t know already, roller skating videos are very big on the platform. You’ll find all sorts of videos from people casually skating indoors or outdoors or people doing dances alone or in groups. Dance has always been a big component in roller skating, and dances tend to do very well on TikTok. There’s also a big copycat effect with TikTok videos and once trends start catching fire, they’re nearly impossible to stop, so expect to see more roller skating videos in your timeline if that’s what you’re into.

Roller Skating Video Games

Another interesting trend right now is the rise of roller-skating video games. Ubisoft just released Roller Champions which was very well received by the public. Many developers are also working on VR games that will allow you to replicate the roller-skating experience from anywhere. You could even see games being developed for AR glasses that could change your average skating route into an otherworldly skate park. 

Roller Skating as a Fitness Trend

We can also start to see roller skating being used as an alternative to cycling or jogging. As more people learn the benefits of roller skating for toning and cardio, we can expect more of them to jump on the trend. This isn’t new, however. Inline skates were pushed heavily by the fitness crowd when they first were introduced, but quad skates seem to be the skates of choice for fitness lovers nowadays. Either way, we can expect to see more fitness skaters on the road in the next few years.

These are all red-hot roller-skating trends that are materializing right now. Roller skating is in a great state and will only get more popular in the future, which should be great news for any skating lover.