10 businesses in India which you can start under 10K

Start your business in India under 10k

While it may not seem like a reality, but it’s true!!

You can start the businesses under 10K in India, and run them well. Many businesses in India need a strategic mind, and not the capital investment.

Here are the top 10 businesses which can be started in India with a capital as low as 10 K, and still you can make a handsome income. All these businesses need dedicated efforts and complete focus.

  1. Selling Products Online Through An eCommerce Store

One can build and get an eCommerce website hosted in under 10,000 INR, and can start selling the products or services there. Unlike the “Brick and Mortar” store, you need not to buy or rent a physical space.

  1. Sell on eBay, Flipkart or Amazon

If you don’t want to set up your own eStore, then you can easily sell on eBay, Amazon, Flipkart. Just register with them and you can upload your own products on these established eStores where there is a high number of visitor influx.

  1. Content Writing

Today, a number of business firms and digital marketing companies need high quality content writing teams. Yu can hire a few employees, and start selling your own content services. The writers can work from their home, eliminating the need for any physical office location.

  1. Travel Agency

Just with your own laptop and internet connection, you can start your own travel agency. Set up your accounts on the RCTC or get you registered on the Oxygen wallet, and you can go ahead with booking and selling the tickets.

  1. Wedding Planning Business

If you are a creative person, you can begin your won wedding planning businesses, where you can arrange weddings for the other people. It does not require an investment, and you can start earning right from the first wedding that you organize.

  1. Mineral Water Supply

Mineral water is used in very high amounts in the offices and corporate spaces, and they regularly need the water bottles. You can associate with the mineral water manufacturing firms, and can earn profit by supplying their water to different offices.

  1. Plant Nursery

Initially you can start small, and later you can expand your plant offerings. In the urban areas, there is a very high demand for flowering and indoor plants, and thus, by setting up a nursery, you can earn a handsome profit.

  1. Drop Shipping Business

Today, everyone has started purchasing from the online stores, and due to this, the requisite for the drop shipping companies which can deliver the packages to the customers’ doorsteps has increased significantly. With a small investment under 10K, you can start your drop shipping business.

  1. Breakfast or Tea Joint

The breakfast and tea joints can earn a good amount of money these days by providing high quality and hygienic food. These joints can work even better when you open them near the commercial spaces, where there are a lot of offices.

  1. Garment Tailor

The demand for the good tailors has increased considerably, and the ones who are creative in designing the dresses have an even higher chance of earning huge profits by opening up their own tailoring shop. It doesn’t even need much investment, as initially you can operate from your home only.