3 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Building Your Website

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Building a new website can be a fantastic experience, but it can be challenging at the same time. Do not be tempted to think that since you are an expert in launching websites, you are not prone to making mistakes. In web building, there is always a few things that sneak under the carpet, and they are often overlooked.

You do not want to build a website that will result in financial losses, disappointments, and stomach ulcers in worst instances, right? To achieve this, there are some common mistakes you need to avoid at all costs. They include;

  1. Purchasing a domain name without doing proper keyword research

Domain names are relatively cheap, and you might be tempted to buy one without paying much attention to your main keyword. This is doubtlessly similar to signing a death warrant for your site.

Having a unique and funky domain name will not help you maneuver your way to success online. Before you even think of having a domain name, take note of the following;

  • Keyword research is vital to everything you do online

Yes, everything you do online from researching in Google, online marketing, and advertising to keyword optimization is entirely dependent on keyword research. Therefore, if you rush to pick a domain name without researching on the keywords relevant to your site, you will be in for a rude shock because both your target audience and search engines will not be able to find your website.

  • Websites with the right keyword strategy always rank highly on search engines

If you choose the wrong keywords, you will attract the wrong visitors to your site. On the other hand, in case you do not research on keywords before purchasing a domain name, you will draw less or no traffic to your site. This translates to more agony since you will not meet your site monetization goals.

Have you already committed this mistake? Well, don’t worry. Revive your spirits by purchase a new domain name, after a precise determination of all the keywords you need. But remember, the biggest mistake you can do is to repeat the same mistake next time.


  1. Approving a website design hastily

Truthfully, you have been anxiously waiting for your website designer to come up with the site you have been dreaming about, and finally, the design is out. Good news! But…do not celebrate too soon. Make sure that you sit with the design for quite sometimes (maybe for a week or two) before you approve it.

Before endorsing the design, look at it, and compare it to other sites. Make sure that all the links, widgets, pages, and everything else you needed for the site is up and running. Also, try it on different devices – especially mobile devices and have the guarantee of optimum compatibility.

If you hastily accept a design, you might discover some errors while site building has already kicked off. Making changes at this time will not only be pricey but will also derail the live date you have set for your website.

  1. Having unoriginal Content

Content is the mouthpiece that speaks volumes about your online business. If you want to start a highly profitable and meaningful relationship with your target audience, you cannot afford to include unoriginal content when building your site.

By developing novel, audience-centered information and posting it on your site, you will go a long mile in attracting massive traffic to your site, and in no time, your website monetization goals will be a reality.

Of course, you can source information from other websites, but make sure you don’t duplicate it in any way. You can use plagiarism checkers such as Copyscape to check the originality of your content. In case you believe you are not a good writer, don’t force yourself to it. There are tons of freelance good freelance writers out there you can hire and get super-quality articles that will attract readers to your site.

The last take

After you have avoided the mistakes mentioned above, do not let the products or services you are selling market themselves. In the building stage, ensure that your site ranks high on search engines by utilizing various SEO strategies you can easily find online. This will make it easier for users to find your site. Then, come up with various marketing and advertising campaigns, and your website will reach greater heights before you know it!