3 Important things to look for when shopping for an SEO agency

SEO or search engine optimization is an important component of every website’s long-term strategies in promoting their products and services online. The technique allows a website to draw organic traffic from online searches generated by internet users themselves, in contrast to paid to click services and advertisements.

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The general idea of SEO is to create informative, factual, up to date, and highly interesting content to get the attention of the consumers and increase the exposure of a business, blog, or organization. While this may be a simple concept to grasp, many businesses do not have enough time and resources to create an effective SEO plan and track their performance regularly. That is why hiring SEO companies are still the best option for most businesses today.

With the number of new and old companies specializing in SEO, it becomes more difficult for website owners to choose which of them is the best option for their business. Some of those companies claim that they can give your website the coveted first-page ranking while others offer increased web traffic in just a short amount of time. To help you on this, here are three important things to look for when shopping for an SEO agency.

Realistic Offers

One of the telltale signs that an SEO company might be hiding the truth from you is the unrealistic promises that they make. For instance, they may claim to give you the number one spot on search engine results page or bring hundreds of thousands of visitors to your website in a short time. All of these in exchange for a small amount of money. Avoid SEO companies that offer guaranteed rankings.

Review the offer and analyze the targets based on the given timeline. Remember that SEO is a long and continuous process that requires much patience before you can see the results. You may also compare different SEO agencies to see which ones provide the best yet realistic offers for your website’s needs.

Background and Experience

Another thing that you should check with your prospective SEO service providers is their portfolio. Learn more about their past clients and the range of services that they rendered including the methodology and their work plan.  You may first visit their website or call them to request for a quotation and proposal for your website. With that, you can properly gauge their capabilities.

You may also ask them to provide you with a couple of references or you may simply search reviews and testimonials about them over the internet. You may also request to check some of the case studies that they did in the past. From here, you can have an idea of how far this SEO company can help you in achieving your goals.

A Sound Work Plan

Once they have provided a proposal to implement SEO strategies on your website, you will need to review their work plan thoroughly. This includes knowing the people who will be on the team, their background and experience in working on similar projects. Take note of the deliverables for the services that they will be providing. Some of the basic ones include a weekly or a monthly report, a clear timeline of the project, different methods to track the progress, and so on.

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These were the few factors those you should look for while hiring any SEO agency. Please check their background and see if they have proper plan for implementation of on-page seo techniques and off-page seo techniques. And if yes, how they leverage those.

Do you follow any other technique while looking for an SEO agency?