4 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Zangi Messenger Today

Let me present you the most private and secure messaging app 2018 – Zangi Messenger!

On the surface, this app might seem similar to WhatsApp and Telegram. But dig deep though, and you will find out that Zangi messenger is surprisingly a unique app and much more than just a messaging platform.

So, here are 4 reasons why you should absolutely start using Zangi Messenger!

Decentralized and Private Messenger

A huge issue we are facing today is that companies who have messengers, control the communication history of their users.

To solve such kind of issues and assist people messaging and making calls freely, Zangi developed and rolled out an end-to-end messenger app which is fully decentralized. This means that all your calls and messages are protected between you and the person you communicate with – no calls or messages are kept on any servers.

The Lowest Data Consuming Messenger

Now imagine that you want to make a call or write to a person who matters who at a place where internet connection is super low, and you have a limited amount of money on your balance. Here, Zangi offers its “Low data usage” feature which allows you to lower the amount of data it uses during chats, voice, and video calls. In other words, if you make a 1-minute voice call, you will consume 216 KB of data. Then, it will go even further, lowering its data consumption to 134 KB per minute. Compared with WhatsApp and Viber, Zangi is 1.5-2 times cheaper.

Uninterrupted Voice and Video Calls

Zangi Messenger works smoothly anywhere: from the most overloaded to even under 2G/EDGE connection. So, you don’t have to worry about crowded Wi-Fi or slow network issues because Zangi recovers the lost voice and video data and keeps you connected to your beloved ones.

Don’t forget about the fun part!

Download Zangi and enjoy various features, such as cool and funny stickers, group chats, HD voice and video calls, automated voice messaging and much more.