4 useful Tips to Maximize Your Brand’s Reach on Instagram TV

Instagram has no introduction that has possibly overtaken Snapchat with its addictive features such as Instagram stories, Instagram live and partner application like Boomerang. It is second most famous mobile social network that is acquired by social media giant Facebook. It is basically image-based app but it has introduced a number of new features with the passage of time.

IGTV is basically designed as a traditional television that has channels where you can upload and browse videos. Here, the creator is the channel like YouTube where anyone can create their own channeland allow people to subscribe their channel. This new feature of Instagram give the brand or businesses a more power to connect with their target audience in an exclusive way. But how can your brand take maximum advantages of Instagram TV? Here we will discuss some useful tips to promote your business, brand or personal creator channel swiftly if you have enough following on Instagram. Read on!

Tips to Maximize Your Brand’s Reach on IGTV

Make vertical videos

Unlike YouTube and Facebook which favors the horizontal videos, IGTV supports the way people usually watch videos on their smartphones i.e. vertically. That way, the likelihood of viewing videos will be increased because it will make it easier for users to view videos like they intended to use their mobile. Although, it also means that you need to make new videos that match with the IGTV aesthetic and you can’t use repurpose content for your IGTV channel because, perhaps these videos have wrong format and size.

Emphasize branding

The world’s best brands give the solid identity to their brand that interconnects the authenticity, reliability and trust when it comes to talk about their IGTV aesthetic.This consistent branding brings the rapid increase in revenue by up to 23% while their brand recognition increases by 3-4 times.

Create a schedule

If you create a consistent schedule for your posts then it will help you to get more visibility. If you plan your social media calendar especially for Instagram then you can better promote your product, special events around important days, which is also specifically helpful for the promotion on cross platforms.

Choose the right length

However, IGTV let you to post your content up to 60-minutes long but don’t shoot scripted videos and longerdocumentary series immediately for your channel. Because Instagram has introduced exception rules for IGTV creators and some creators with verified account may take advantages of this one-hour long video. While other creators should stick to videos up to 10 minutes long.

Instagram is competing with the video sharing giant YouTube due to its flexibility and limitless options for creators and channels. However, you can upload less than 30 second video for on normal Instagram app. The fast double-hitting and scrolling are minimized on IGTV which means that viewers are more likely to stick around for a little longer video. Just remember, create clear and short video that matches with your brand’ message and identity.