5 biggest relationship threats that can lead to a breakup


No matter how besotted the individuals might feel they are about each other, few relationships progress without their share of ups and downs. There will always be fallouts and niggles between partners. That’s life. But there are certain issues that are considerably more serious, with the potential to end a relationship. Here are five of the biggest threats that can lead to a breakup.


One of the greatest problems any partnership can face is financial worries. This is a situation that is driven by many factors, especially economic uncertainty and job insecurity. Debts are often hidden from a partner which makes things even worse when matters come to light. Fretting about finding the resources to pay mortgages or credit card bills can be a constant source of friction. The longer the situation persists the more likely it is to have a seriously detrimental effect on a relationship.


There is an old adage that opposites attract, and it makes for a healthy relationship if both parties have separate interests or different outlooks on life. But there can be circumstances where the differences that make one partner interesting or exciting to the other start jarring. This could extend to everything from political viewpoints to the frequency with which they wish to be intimate. Whatever the source of the imbalance, if this is not addressed it will only get worse until it threatens to topple the whole relationship.


Another key issue with the potential to break up any couple is the undermining of trust. Having the ability to count on your partner and rely on them for back-up is crucial. But there are deeper areas of trust, and the moment this can be most cruelly shattered is if they are unfaithful. Whatever has been done to cause you to stop trusting your partner, this is one threat that will take any couple considerable effort to get past.

Different priorities 

People meet in many ways. Whether you visit dating site or prefer social occasions, a new romance will invariably commence with a spirit of optimism. But things happen in life that impact aspirations and these won’t always happen to both parties at the same time. A person might be tempted by new employment prospects that are going to upset the status quo, perhaps involving more money but also travel. Another issue might that one partner wants to move home but the other has always prioritized being close to their family.


A relationship should be progressing smoothly when communication channels are open, whether that’s smalltalk in the bedroom or intense discussions about bigger issues. But anything kept secret – from someone attractive starting in the office to an unexpected tax bill – will have the potential to cause real problems. It goes back to issues of trust. When a partner discovers their other half hasn’t been communicating about one particular issue, the next question will be to ask what else they are concealing, and why?