5 Can’t Miss Adventures To Experience In Australia

Australia is one of the most wonderful vacation destinations in the world. Filled with a wealth of experiences to enjoy, landscapes to explore and cities to discover, you can have the vacation of your dreams whether you’re looking for a beach break, a cultural experience or a city adventure.

One of the best ways to see Australia is to do a fly drive tour, taking in several cities at once, or even a multi-center trip which lets you experience several different locations on the same vacation. No matter where you are visiting, however, you’re sure to have a vacation that’ll never be forgotten.

If you’re heading down under this year, here are 5 can’t miss adventures that you should definitely plan into your trip.

1.Go For A Drive Down The Great Ocean Road

One of the best experiences that you simply must try is a drive along the beautiful Great Ocean Road. Explore the spectacular surfing spots of Bells Beach and Torquay and see kangaroos in the wild on the Angelsea Golf Course. You’ll spot the 12 Apostles rock formations and have the change to wander through lush forests and see beautiful waterfalls in the Otway National Park. You can even sometimes spot whales from Warrnambool. It’s a 3 hour drive, but you might want to take a little longer to really take in the sights.

2.Take A Hot Air Balloon Ride Over Canberra

Canberra may not be such a popular city to visit as Sydney or Melbourne, but it is spectacular when viewed from the air. There’s no more impressive way to see the capital than from the comfort of your own hot air balloon as you drift effortlessly through the sky.

3.Go White Water Rafting On The Franklin River

If you’re heading a little further afield to Tasmania, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to go white rafting on the Franklin River. Located on the west coast of Tasmania, this wild river lets you getclose up to the natural environment without having to stray too far from the capital Hobart. You can book short trips or long scenic excursions which last as long as 11 days along the river’s length, camping overnight on the banks of the river.

4.Go Diving With Sharks

If you’re keen to go scuba diving while you’re staying in Australia, there’s no better place to do it than on Western Australia’s Ningaloo Reef. Head there in the months of March to August and you’ll have the chance to swim with giant whale sharks – they may look scary but rest assured that they’re just gentle giants. Make sure you research the best scuba mask to take on your trip by checking out more options on scubalist.pro. If you’ve got no previous experience of scuba diving but still want to enjoy the experience of getting underwater with sharks, you can try a unique experience on a great white shark tour. These excursions last a day and transport tourists to Port Lincoln’s Neptune Island where you can go down under the water in a strengthened aluminium cage to experience the thrill of getting up close to these terrifying creatures. You don’t even need to use a mask as the air is pumped into the cage using a hose!

5.Eat At Uluru

Uluru, once known as Ayres Rock, is one of Australia’s iconic landmarks and is a must-see during any holiday down under. Although visitors are asked to refrain from climbing the rock itself, you can still enjoy an unforgettable experience by indulging in a dining experience that overlooks the famous sight. Held at sunset, you can listen to the didgeridoo and sit on dunes while you eat a delicious feast. Afterwards, you can hear Dreamtime stories being told around a campfire. With only 20 people allowed on each excursion, you will enjoy a thoroughly intimate experience that you won’t be able to wait to tell your friends about.

As you can see, there is plenty to keep you busy in Australia, and with so many amazing sights to explore, it can be hard to know which to choose. Hopefully, the advice that we’ve given here will help you to plan your trip more effectively and help you to get even more from the vacation of a lifetime.