5 drinks which help you boost the metabolism

boost the metabolism

Drinks that help you boost your metabolism to facilitate weight loss are the best. Drinks that boost metabolism are a few hacks that can speed up the process of weight loss. Here you will find the list of 5 drinks that can speed up your metabolism to help lose those extra pounds. So, there is no need to exercise endlessly or starve yourself. Check them out below.

Lemon water: the finest refreshing drink

lemon water

If you are in search for a weight loss friendly drink, you cannot ignore lemon water. It is healthier than that espresso white triple shot or chocolate mocha. We all know that drinking more water boosts metabolism to facilitate weight loss, but if you add lemon, things will be taken to a different level. Lemon is loaded with vitamins and if you add it to the water, the drink gives your metabolism a healthy boost.

Green tea: the best way to boost your metabolism

Green tea

Everyone knows how much beneficial green tea is. Green tea carries plenty of antioxidants. Having catechin and polyphenols, green tea can fabulously boost your metabolism. Heat water, add green tea and let it stay for 3 minutes. Now add some lemon juice and drink. This drink is very refreshing and can fabulously boost your metabolism.

The mixture of chia seeds and coconut water

Chia with coconut water

The combination of coconut water and chia seeds is extremely beneficial, refreshing and hydrating. Coconut water boosts metabolism and also helps in burning fat. On the other hand, chia seeds are rich in fiber, antioxidants, 6 fatty acids and Omega 3. The combination of chia seeds and coconut water can boost metabolism and speed up the fat burning process. Pour 1-2 teaspoon of chia seeds in the glass of coconut water and keep in the refrigerator. Drink the water to give your metabolism a solid boost.

Calming and refreshing drink with cinnamon, honey and lemon


You may prepare calming drink to boost metabolism with cinnamon, lemon and honey. All the three ingredients can boost the metabolism and help you to lose weight. You need to heat water and add the teaspoon of cinnamon. Mix it well and squeeze lemon, add one teaspoon of honey. You will enjoy the sweetness without gaining any pounds.

Apple and ginger smoothie


Apple is the key agent when it comes to re-energising and detoxifying. Having high protein content, the mixture of apple and ginger can reduce the fat from the body. Ginger is the detoxifying agent that helps your digestion.

The above 5 drinks can speed up your metabolism to help you burn calories. So, getting back in shape is not difficult at all.