5 Things You Should Consider Doing After A Long Flight

Flights are the fastest mode of travelling from one place to another. I prefer taking flights as they travel at higher speed and help to expand the reach to some other country located across the sea and ocean. Air flights are also very less time taking and this is the reason why I prefer to use this mode of transportation over any other mode of transportation. Though traveling in flights is the best but long routes flights can be really troublesome at times. Long route flights are very tiring as they fly at the altitude of 35,000 feet above the sea level for 12 to 14 hours. These flights are very similar to sitting upon a chair for more than 12 hours. Most of the people suffer from various kinds of pain and issue with their back, spine, shoulders, lower back, and head after taking long flights. Like any other vehicle, the seat of the airplane is the most important thing to consider as it is really important that the seat does provide you with comfort and relaxation that you may want while on your flight.

Mentioned below are some of the things that I consider doing after taking long flight in order to relax myself.

  1. Massage therapy:

    After taking a long flight, most of the people experience pain in lower back, back, and in the spine and shoulders. People try various types of pillows and cushioning with their long flights in order to get extra support and comfort. These pillows and cushioning do enhance the posture of the body but don’t provide the comfort that you are seeking. During the flight, there is nothing that you can do. But after the flight, you can prefer to go for the massage therapy or use some of the best head massagers available on the web. I prefer going to the best massage centers located in the area I am to undergo massage therapy to relieve myself from any kind of spinal pain and issue. These massage centers provide the experienced masseuse which can massage your entire body as well as can provide you with the relief that you are looking forward to get. You can book a massage at the hotel or at the airport. This massage therapy eases your nerves as well as maintains the blood flow in various parts of your body. With even flow of blood in your body, you will feel relaxed and the pain from your body will be gone after the massage. You can use Back Massager For Chair that would help you too in therapy.

  2. Keep up your feet:

    Sitting for several hours in long flight with your legs in the downward position causes pain as well as swelling in your legs. All the fluid present in your lower body gets collected in your feet when legs are in downward position for several hours. This fluid causes swelling in your legs which makes it difficult for you to walk or run. So, as you reach your home lie down onto the floor with your legs elevated up in the air along the wall. This will surely help your feet to get relieved from swelling and pain in your legs. You can keep your legs in the air for 10 to 12 minutes to let the fluid get back to various lower body parts. Apart from doing this, I also prefer taking a walk in the plane after each hour. This maintains the blood circulation and prevents swelling.

  3. Yoga:

    Long flights can really be exhausting as your mind and your body both were resting till the time you are in flight. So, as soon as I reach the destination, instead of crashing in the bed I prefer to do yoga for several minutes and then go to sleep. Yoga eases up the mind and body and awakes the body from inside. Yoga is considered as the perfect exercise for the body which includes the involvement of all the body muscles. Yoga maintains the blood flow as well as oxygen intake in the body which makes you become active even after taking a long flight. There are several yoga poses that you can do.

  4. Breathe more:

    Long flights do fly at really high altitude. So, the air at that altitude is really thin as the oxygen molecules are very far away from each other which means with every breathe you will be taking less amount of oxygen in your body. Less oxygen supply in blood causes dizziness, low thinking capability and tiredness. So, as you reach the ground, I recommended you to breathe fresh air as much as you can to equalize the oxygen supply in the blood. Oxygen molecules at sea level are very close to each other and dense.

  5. Drink plenty of water:

    Another thing that one can do is drink plenty of water. Long flights can cause dehydration at higher altitude as the air is completely dry. So, it is recommended that you should keep on taking a sip of water at regular intervals to keep your body hydrated. You can also prefer to take the water bottle with you if you have planned to travel for longer duration.