5 Things You Should Know About Harmful Study Aids

Study aids or better known as study drugs are prescription stimulant medications that people, mostly students take to enhance their mental functioning by boosting the memory, alertness, concentration, motivation, and attention. But these study aids are harmful to the body.

Here are 5 things you should know about them:

  1. They Increase Dopamine Levels

Study aids have a huge potential for dependency and abuse owing to the fact that they raise the level of dopamine in the brain. When taken in prescribed doses, the rise in dopamine levels plays a huge role in producing the calm effect and achieving the focus needed for the treatment of ADHD.

But on the flip side, this high dopamine levels can result in one experiencing feelings of euphoria as well as suppressing the appetite to eat. This can have a negative effect on the body.

  1. The Risk of Drug Addiction

While most students hold the belief that study aids are an effective and harmless tool they can use to boost their grades in school, the reality is that they stand the risk of falling into drug addiction.

Students who take these study aids over time develop the feeling of dependency on them and enter into a state where they can’t be able to study without them. They begin to depend on these drugs in order to do assignments, take tests, or do any other productive activity.

The result of this is that they consume these drugs more often to the point that they become highly tolerant to them and this leads them to take them in higher amounts in order to experience the effect they are yearning for. At this point, they are fully addicted to the study aids.

  1. Experiencing Rough Withdrawal Symptoms

Some students abuse study aids by crushing the pills into powder and snorting them which produces a more enhanced effect in a faster way compared to taking them by mouth. Some mix the crushed powder with water and then inject intravenously into their bodies.

The risk of doing this is that it may develop a major physical dependence on the drug and in the event that a person stops using the study drugs, he or she will experience rough withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, irritability, and the worst of them all, depression.

  1. Risk Of Severe Health Consequences

Study aids pose huge side effects on the body. Some major side effects that come about with them are sleep problems or insomnia, high blood pressure and an increased heart rate, and extreme body temperature.

Worse still, some other effects on one’s health that would result include fainting, seizures, an extreme effect on the eyesight resulting in blurred vision, and psychotic problems such as hearing voices and delusions.

  1. A Whole Package of Problems

Study aids like meth come with a whole load of problems that no human being should experience. Some of these problems include severe dental problems better known as meth mouth, anxiety, extreme weight loss, feelings of confusion, an extreme violent behavior, cognitive problems such as learning, thinking, understanding, and remembering, and worse still death when overdosed. It’s a full package of problems in these harmful study aids.


Study aids like meth are harmful to your life but you can always get help. Here’s how you can find treatment for meth addiction.