6 Signs You Are Struggling With Mental Fatigue

struggling with mental fatigue

Do you feel that you cannot continue anymore? If you are mentally stressed and tired then this is the foremost symptom. There may be a lot of stress experienced by you in the hectic environment. Although mental and physical fatigue is almost similar but mental fatigue is more severe since the brain here controls your body. Check out more symptoms below.

Oh! Now it is too much

If you are too much overwhelmed by the sensory input, you will feel that too much goes on at once. Smells, sounds, lots of physical movement, mental activity and listening to others, all these happening around you can overwhelm you. Brain will show the signs of fatigue and stress when the data input flowing from the senses is too much. You may shut down the noise devices like music, fan and TV.

No free time for you

So, you cannot even recall the last time you went for a vacation. By avoiding things that cause mental stress and fatigue, you may avoid the mental fatigue. There are mainly two strategies for controlling mental fatigue:

  • Avoid unnecessary expenditure to save yourself from expending directed attention.
  • Take a break from the work and visit a spa. Try and benefit from the restorative opportunity and just refresh your mindset.

A complete mental block

When individuals manage too many things at once, there is a complete mental block whereby the person loses his ability to think and reason. This mental state is the result of over exhaustion. So, if you think you have a mental block, just stop working and take a break.

You are more sensitive and emotional lately

Anxiety and depression are the foremost signs of mental exhaustion. You may start feeling pessimistic or hopeless about recovering from a difficult situation. If you feel fatigued mentally, you may feel low in energy and depressed. Mental fatigue can lead to outbursts of anger as well.

Some physical symptoms

If your mind is too much stressed and fatigued, there can be physical symptoms like stomach discomfort, headache, loss of appetite, diarrhoea, insomnia, etc. You may get in touch with a therapist in this regard.

You keep forgetting things

Did you forget the name of the agent you met yesterday? Memory lapse and forgetfulness are the sure shot signs of mental fatigue and exhaustion. The brain keeps processing information but fails to create the memories. If you are having a hard time recalling the events of yesterday or finding it difficult to concentrate, you surely need a break.

Apart from the above mentioned signs of mental fatigue, there can be several others.