6 Tips for quick LOL level progression

Now without a doubt, the fastest way of progressing to level 30 in League of Legends is to buy AussyELO League of Legends Accounts. If you don’t want to spend the money, there are still a couple of awesome ways of leveling up quicker. However, keep in mind that the real meat of the game starts at level 30 and so everything you do up until then beyond learning the ropes is pretty tedious.

For starters, it takes nearly 30,000 XP to reach the prestigious level 30, so there is a lot of playing ahead of you. However, there are several tricks you can employ so pay attention to the tips below.

Tip no. 1: Winning All of Your Games


Now we know from experience that starting out means that you’re not going to be very good at winning games. Those who have never played before don’t have a clue as to what is going on. Plus, players with slow computers, bad internet and a couple of other variables that disrupt gameplay will find it near impossible to win all their games. Plus players will also lose if they go AFK for a few minutes.

The trick is to play against bots which increases your chances of winning. Choose the co-op vs. bots mode, and start winning. Your goal is to take down the nexus ASAP. The sooner you destroy the bots, the sooner you will progress to level 30.

The other thing to keep in mind is that your games should last more than 8 minutes. If you finish them too soon, you’ll receive an XP penalty. However, you’re still saving time because the average normal match lasts a whopping 30 minutes.

Tip no. 2: Use Boosts

Riot sells boosts which can be used to temporarily increases XP or IP towards the end of a match. Currently, RP ranges from around $10 to $100. But using boosts will speed your leveling up by 50%. You can choose from two different types of boosts the first are for wins and the second is for the duration. Also, both can be used together. The duration boost will give you XP regardless of the outcome of the match. The win boost will only give you extra XP if you win the game.

Tip no. 3: Team Up to Decrease Leveling Up Time

This strategy will also work if a few friends want to level up their smurf accounts. You either play matches against each other or team up against bots.

The fastest method is to have a full team which finishes up the bot matches fast. Having friends makes teamwork easier, and so you’ll level up faster. Using this strategy, you can win a dozen rounds in as much as a few minutes which is faster than playing regular matches.

Tip no. 4: Using the Force aka Spells

Playing against bots is more effective if you have the right set of summoner spells. However, understandably you won’t have all the spells when first starting out. The best spells to have and use are Teleport and Ignite both of which will help you reduce travel time and multiple damage against enemies.

The worst spells are Flash, Smite, and Cleanse. Also, in case you were thinking the ‘flash’ spell is unnecessary because the bots are very predictable.

Tip no. 5: Choose a Super Aggressive Champ

To finish games ASAP, you need an aggressive champ. You don’t want any other champion because you’ll be playing aggressively. We recommend champs like Ziggs, Jax, Caitlyn, Corki, and Malzahar.

Tip no. 6: Levelling Up Fast Without Using XP Boosts

Buying a LOL account is the fastest way to level up. It goes without saying that level 1 to 30 is pretty much a tutorial. If playing bot games over and over sound frustrating then you need to buy an account. You should also consider buying if you want