7 Best CRM Systems You Need to Rule the Business World in 2019

Enhancing customer delight by providing prompt service is a critical challenge for any enterprise irrespective of the industry. As businesses scale up on their growth journey, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage the desires of a growing customer base. A CRM solution helps manage client relationship processes. Here are 7 best CRM systems that will help you optimize business processes and get better at improving customer delight.

  1. Freshsales

Freshsales is an inclusive CRM solution providing end-to-end contact and lead management solutions. Ideal for businesses with longer sales cycles, it comes with great features for small as well as large teams. The CRM solution comes with an intuitive mobile app to stay updated of all the tasks and appointments, on-the-go. Supporting an inline email and call management module, Freshsales can do everything you need to manage your growing customer base.


Essentially, Freshsales come with a free plan that is good if you need basic contact management features for unlimited number of users. If you need advanced analytics, deal management feature and the plan starts at USD 12 per user per month.

  1. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is an interactive and intuitive lead management and CRM software that helps small businesses simplify the sales pipeline. It’s user-friendly interface and visual pipeline management tool gives deeper capabilities to analyze the sales pipeline at a glance. If your business has a huge catalog of product and services, this can be the right CRM system for all your needs.


Pipeline comes with three different plans starting at USD 12.5 per user. The most expensive plan that comes with all the features can be purchased at a price of USD 62.5 per user. However, Pipeline comes with a free trial to test its capabilities.

  1. Dubsado

Dubsado is suitable for solopreneurs and small businesses who are looking to organize routine affairs and manage their clients from a single dashboard. Dubsado gives businesses the capability to record billable hours, manage recurring invoices and start a customer portal to share a request status. Its features and solutions are closely in sync with needs of businesses that are in the consultancy business or creative freelancing industry.


At USD 25 per month with an annual plan of USD 250 dollars and a free trial to manage upto 3 clients without paying anything, this one is a real steal deal if one is looking to manage everything at a single place.

  1. Insightly

If you are looking for a CRM solution for project management, Insightly might seal the deal for you. With Insightly a business can create custom project pipelines that are reusable. Also, you can scan business cards directly and store information, manage contacts and vendor information. Surely, Insightly can bring much needed standardization to small businesses.


Insightly is free-to-use for two users and if someone is looking for advanced features and support for more users, paid plans start from USD 29 per month.

  1. Zoho

Zoho is a popular CRM solution that comes with inbuilt features for social media management, contact management, order management and lead tracking. It’s for social media savvy businesses who need a track of every user interaction, be it on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter handle. If you want your sales team to be more agile towards the millennial customer base, Zoho might do the trick for your business.


Zoho comes with a free plan that can be used by up to 3 users. However, if you want some customization or additional functionalities, it can cost you anywhere between USD 12-20 based on your requirements.

  1. HubSpot

When it comes to CRM, the discussion cannot end with one of the most powerful yet simple CRM software of our time- HubSpot. With HubSpot’s free CRM software, one can manage contacts, get insights into recent activities or can take benefit of lead qualification bots or web forms. If you have a tight budget and need a basic lead and contact management solution, HubSpot might be the best CRM for your business.


HubSpot can be used by unlimited users for free with the basic plan. As you scale up and your business needs evolve, you can add-on the CRM system with HubSpot’s other paid offerings such as sales, service or marketing hub.

  1. Salesforce

Salesforce is undoubtedly the most reliable and most use CRM software out of the list that comes with advanced capabilities and dedicated applications for sales, service and marketing departments. Your sales and service teams can quickly solve customer problems and identify upselling opportunities by managing all their interactions at a single platform. The web-based CRM is accessible from anywhere and can be used for anything from monitoring leads to raising support tickets, analyzing website hits & more.


Its basic Lightning essentials package starts with USD 25 per month per user. If you are looking for something advanced, you can think of subscribing to Lightning Pro package.  

If you are confused about how to configure Salesforce for your business, an expert providing Salesforce consulting services can help. Professional help can assist you with everything from transforming your existing processes to integrating advanced features into your business operations. Get in touch with an expert today!