7 Manila Travel Tips to Help You Have a Wonderful Stay in the Philippines

Are you planning on visiting the Philippines soon? Chances are that you will be arriving in Manila, especially if you are flying into the Philippines. Manila is one of the most densely populated urban areas you can ever be in the world but it also got its interesting and loving aspects too. 

Chances are that you may not love the sights you see straight away after getting to Manila. But give it time, you will soon begin to fall in love with the huge and wonderful Filipino city. 

In case you are planning on visiting soon or just getting to Manila, here are some travel tips to arm yourself with so you can enjoy the best of the city.

Manila Travel Tips To Remember

#1: You won’t be needing a lot of pocket money

Compared to most tourist destinations in the world, traveling to Manila won’t cost you your fortune. Although you may need to pay a couple of bucks for your plane tickets, you should be sure that experiencing the Manileño lifestyle won’t cost you much. 

So if you have planned to enjoy yourself to the fullest in Manila – moving from the museum and parks to cafes and malls, you only need a small amount of money to enjoy the numerous interesting destinations scattered all over the 239 square miles wide city. 

#2: Pre-book your transfer from the airport

To avoid getting into the wrong hands and fall for the various scams happening at the airport, it is recommended that you pre-book a shared transfer before your arrival. If you are going downtown during rush hour, it is obviously more cost-effective going with a transfer because it is a set price. 

But if you want to visit the downtown outside the rush hour, you can opt for an Uber or a metered taxi. Uber is not only popular in Manila but it is also cheap and provides a great alternative for taxis. 

#3: Get a free tourist sim card immediately you arrive

You can always get a free tourist sim card immediately you arrived. It is completely free and you can get one at any airport. The reason you will need this special sim cards is that most places in Manila have free Wi-Fi, which you can only connect via the Filipino sim cards. Won’t want to short-chain your wonderful experience in Manila because you can connect, so get a local sim for free at the airport and stay connected with friends and families. 

#4: It can be ridiculously warm in Manila, so prepare for the weather

The Philippines is a tropical country and has just two major weather seasons – soaking wet and the scorching hot seasons. So if you are visiting any time between March and May, you need to equip yourself with a portable mini electric fan or hand fan, and an umbrella. You can’t walk the streets of Manila during this time without an umbrella. 

And if you are visiting between June and November, you will receive your raincoat and an umbrella to save your belongings from the disrespecting rain in Manila. 

#5: Know the rush hour times

Trust me, this is one of the best Manila travel tips you can ever get – know the peak traffic hours. That you only spend about 10 minutes getting to your hotel from the airport doesn’t necessarily mean it is going to be the same going back the same way. If you are looking for a place with the worst traffic on earth, you will probably be choosing Manila to be on the list. So know the peak traffic hours and avoid it as much as possible or plan your way around it. 

#6: From terminal to terminal, there is a free airport shuttle 

You don’t have to pay taxis and transfers for every of your movement in Manila, especially when moving from one terminal to another. There is a bus available to take you from one terminal to the other, and it is also completely free. You only need to ask an airport staff for where you can get one. Try to manage your budget in the city by saving on your transportation. Use the free shuttles and save for the shopping at the mall. 

#7: Always be on the lookout

Every time people think of visiting Manila, they are always asking if Manila is safe or not. Actually, this depends on which area of Manila you are. But generally, there is a huge income inequality gap in the city. So when you walk the streets of Manila, don’t go around flaunting your expensive watch or jewelry, and go with limited cash. So you won’t be a target to casualties. 

These are the best Manila travel tips you can find, so keep them close!