8 Mind-Bottling SEO Stats You Won’t Believe

SEO has changed vastly in the recent years. Today, there are amazing statistics that show SEO is the key to online marketing. According to experts, SEO is the getaway to achieving better ranking and massive traffic.

Yearly, Google makes updates for its algorithm. This means that it may be hard to figure out what is trending. Fortunately, we have researched and come up with 8 mind-bottling SEO stats that you won’t believe.

  1. 50% of Online Searches Feature Four or More Keywords

In terms of key phrases, most searchers don’t input simple words or phrases. They are very specific about what they are looking for online. In this case, they use several words to find particular solutions. SEO experts understand this, so they use lengthy key phrases on web pages as often as possible.

  1. Google Leads Other Search Engines in Desktop Traffic by Over 79%

In 2017, the amount of desktop traffic registered on Google was more than 79%. The closest challengers were a distant far. They were Bing (7.27%), Baidu (6.55%), and Yahoo (5.06%). The gap between Google and the other search engines is very big and this mainly because of the detailed use of SEO on Google.

  1. On Average, the First Result Page on Google Has 1890 Words

Normally, expansive content rank higher as it provides more value for the site visitors. Since over 50% of the online searchers use four or more words, it implies that your customers are looking for specific things and they are only going to visit your website if you can offer them all the details that they need to know about a given topic.

  1. Google Experience More Than 63,000 Searches/Second/Day

This means that the online community never sleeps as there is always someone searching the internet. Provided that you use quality SEO practices, then your site will be easily found on Google. You can click here for more information on the best SEO practices.

  1. 72% of Local Online Searchers Look for Online Stores that are Within an 8Km Radius

This explains why most SEO experts use local keywords when designing Websites for local businesses. With the right local keywords, it becomes easy to optimize your site to suit your local audience.

  1. 75% of Google Searching is through the Mobile Phone Platform

In the US and Japan, for example, the online searchers use their mobile phones more often than their desktops. Besides, a majority of Websites these days are mobile-friendly. It is, therefore, critical to use SEO practices and website design strategies that allow easy mobile usage.

  1. Two Trillion- The Number that Represents the Total Yearly Searches onGoogle

This statistic shows that Google is the undisputed market leader in as far as online searching is concerned. There are many people looking for solutions daily and what come to their minds mostly is Google.

  1. 82% of Marketers Believe that SEO Effectiveness is Steadily Rising

Companies are getting more involved in SEO since they understand that it’s the key to beating the competition and generating leads.

Final Verdict

These 8 stats show that SEO has changed the dynamics of online searching, especially on Google. So, if you want to enjoy improved site ranking and better traffic, you should consider hiring an SEO expert to help you to redesign your site.