9 ways to deal efficiently with a strict boss

Strict boss

Are you having a bad boss at your workplace? If your boss reacts too easily to trivial issues, you will have a difficult time at work. So, here are top 9 ways of dealing with a strict and difficult boss.

Determine the cause of strict behavior towards you

Most of the times, employees are not efficient at work and end up blaming their bosses, calling them ‘bad bosses’. You cannot put this tag on your boss till you judge your own abilities and credentials. Bad or strict behaviour from the boss can also result from your poor communication skills. You must find out the reason behind his horrid behavior and try to do things in a better manner. If you improve yourself, there are chances that your boss will start appreciating you.

Do your best when you are at work

You must do your work to the best of your abilities. This will not give your boss any chance to disrespect you or to be stern towards you. To avoid being harassed, do not repeat the same mistakes. Be diligent and do your work in the best possible manner. If there is no error, he will not bother you.

Documenting everything

If you find that the boss is bullying you all the time, it is important to document all the instances. You never know when you need to present proof against your boss. Make a note of the incidents and how they originated or developed.

Do not indulge in an open conflict

It is really annoying to bear a boss who gives you a hard time. But, never yell back at your boss. The worst thing you may do is giving your boss a chance to pick on you. Avoid being hostile towards your boss. Handle the situation in a cool and responsible manner.

Consider your boss’s perspective

It is rightly remarked that you must keep the friends close, but your enemies closer to you. Think from the perspective of your boss and find the reason behind the trigger. Figure out the reason why your boss behaved in a particular manner. Once you understand your boss, the situation will be controlled.

Make a list of solutions to all the current problems

Make a list of the conflicts that took place between you and your boss along with theprobable solutions. Having the list of solutions can help you resolve the conflict in a successful manner. You may also communicate with your boss to improve the situation.

Talk it out in a safe environment

You may be very busy doing your work but you need to manage sometime to discuss out the matter with the boss. Try your best to resolve the interpersonal problems. Make sure the environment is suitable for discussion.

Discuss out the matter with other managers

If every attempt fails and the problem persists, you may get help from other managers. You cannot have an easy solution to every problem. If you find that the boss is not modifying his behaviour and is not listening to you at all, you can get in touch with the management team.

Look for career development somewhere else

If nothing works out, change your job and seek another employment. Find a place which suits your culture.

By following the above 9 ways, you can handle a strict boss. However, there are other ways also.