AdsBridge-Internet advertising and web tracker software

Internet advertising is a form of advertising which uses internet for marketing the products or services. There are numerous forms of internet advertising like email marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing, mobile marketing and many types of display advertising. Like any other form of advertisement, this also has a publisher and advertiser. Website tracking is an act by which the existing websites are archived and the changes made over time is tracked. The software used for tracking the websites is termed as web tracker software. It enables the parties to track the health of a website and find out whether a website is down. is a good example of this kind of software. If there is any broken line or any error that has occurred on specific pages then the software notifies it. It is a vital aspect of marketing, sales, and advertising.

Types of Advertising

The time when internet advertising was not present then there were very fewer forms of advertising. After the internet was used for advertising then different forms of advertising were introduced. The email was the first type of advertising, then came display ads where ads were displayed at the bottom of the screen for promoting products. Display advertising is a way by which text, logos, animations, videos, photographs, and graphics are used for conveying the advertising messages. They target the users with particular traits and in this way, they are able to increase ads effect. Some types of display advertising are mentioned here:

  1. Web banner advertising: Within a web page when graphical ads are displayed, then they are termed as web banners. Many interactive elements such as video, audio are incorporated in the banner ads.
  2. Frame ad: These are considered the first form of web banners. In this form website developer set aside space on the web page for incorporating frame ads.
  3. Pop-ups: This is a form of the ad which opens above a website visitor’s initial browser window when there is a need to open a new browser window.
  4. Floating ad: It is the type which is superimposed on the content of the requested website. After a preset time period, they may disappear or become less obtrusive.
  5. Trick banner: It is a type of ad where the copy of the ad imitates some screen element users whom they commonly encounter. In the initial ad, the advertiser is not mentioned.

Benefits of internet advertising

There are bundles of benefits of internet advertising. Low cost is the most important benefit that advertiser gets in online ads in comparison to offline ads. Besides that, advertisers have the opportunity to collect feedback on the effectiveness of the ads like how a visitor reached the ad and whether the ad resulted in a sale. Online medium makes the ads more interactive and the publishers also provide the ability to reach the customizable and narrow market for advertising which makes targeting easier.

What is Adsbridge? is a tracking solution software which is a very useful tool for anyone who is dealing with online marketing such as affiliate marketer, media agencies, networks. Its team always work on improving the working of the tracker. It makes the work of the users efficient as well as productive.

Features of AdsBridge

  • You get an automatic campaign transfer service that allows you to transfer all your settings to AdsBridge without any difficulty.
  • You have the ability to delete or replace any selected offers and landing pages in all campaigns in a few clicks.
  • By using AdsBridge you can work more productively and thus save time on creating offers and landing as you get multiple offers and landing creation through CSV.
  • Without any additional redirects you have the ability to send traffic to your lender and at the meantime, you even enjoy all the tricks of working with TDS.
  • The bot-filter or script for filtering moderators helps in setting up rules for filtering traffic and detecting bots in the funnel.


Therefore, in the process of internet advertising has a great role to play. Some of the features are already mentioned. Apart from these features, there are lot more features like detection of proxy, automatic path optimization, editing conversions, etc. Thus, these features make your work more convenient, efficient and productive