Best Android Apps Which Are Not Available on Playstore

What is  a Play store?

Play store is an official app in android operating systems, which allows users to browse and download the desired app they want. It has a wide range of applications. Some of the apps in the play store are Whatsapp, Instagram, Where is my Train, Chrome, games, movies and many more. Google Play was launched on March 6, 2012.

There are a large number of apps in play store.but in accordance to the many apps are available which can’t be available in play store. They are as follows:

  • HD Streamz
  • File Chef
  • Tubemate
  • AD Away
  • Lucky Patcher
  • Video Mix
  • Wifi Kill

Let’s knew more about all these apps 

Best Apps Not Listed on Google PlayStore

HD Streamz:

It is an exciting app, in which we can watch all channels, videos, movies and TV shows of any country from the place you are at present. From the home screen, we can select the catalog, which we want and enjoy ourselves. The best thing about this app is we can watch IPL Cricket and many other live shows in our desired language.HD Stream is such kind of app with which we can dominate the world of streaming.

Pros  And Cons Of HD Stream:


  1. The user can download this app for free.
  2. The search function provides results of higher quality.


  1. The user will be bombarded with continues adds.
  2. The size of the icons are too small, which may lead to eye-sight.

File Chef:

Most of us want to download videos, movies, audio songs and many other interesting videos but we may not be able to download them. File Chef an interesting app provides us to download any types of videos, images and many more useful things. This app provides all of us to be in an entertained mood and happier. The only thing that FileChef does is open a tab in Google on your preferred browser with very specific search parameters.

Pros and Cons of File Chef:


  1. We can download any type of videos fastly and save the internet.
  2. Can save time and money.


  1. The link will be opened in chrome.
  2. The user may get bombarded with continuous adds.


Tube Mate is a very popular video downloader app which is not available in the play store due to the restrictions of google. It is a very handy downloader app in which we can download videos within seconds. The downloaded videos in Tube Mate will be directly stored in sd storage and if we wish we could replace the location. Many people are requested to download this app from the website as there are many fake apps with this Tube Mate name.

Pros and Cons  of Tube Mate:


  1. Download youtube videos to a user’s smartphone memory card.
  2. Saves quite a bit of install space on your mobile device when compared to other out there.
  3. Can save the time and user money.


  1. You can’t use it for commercial purpose. It is strictly for personal use.
  2. No support from the users and Google.


Adaway is a free and open source blocker of Android, it removes all the adds with which we encounter while using mobile phones. It is necessary that to use the  AdAway app we need a rooted device, if the device is not rooted, the accessibility of app can’t be possible. Most of us will get irritated while we get adds, so as to avoid all those problems we sincerely recommend you to choose an AdAway app.

Pros and Cons of AdAway:


  1. Can free our page.
  2. It is available for free online.


  1. The Device should be rooted.
  2. Google hates ad blocking apps like AdAway and many more.

Lucky Patcher:

Lucky patcher is an illegal and handy app used for removing apps, patching, removing silence, verification and many more. The device should be rooted to install this lucky patcher. We can patch coins in any games with the help of lucky patcher. For example, consider the game of temple run. 

If we need extra coins we have to buy them by paying some amount, but by using lucky patcher for Android we can buy all of them with free cost. This app makes us  buy and patch the apps games, movies and so on. The patching should be done in 2 methods. Really this lucky patcher helps us a lot in playing games.

Pros and Cons of Lucky Patcher:


  1. Can be downloaded with free amount of cost.
  2. Can study about all apps in details.
  3. No need for any knowledge and technical skill, anyone can be access this.


  1. Some of its functions are illegal.
  2. A Device should be rooted.

Video Mix:

Video Mix is an application which consists of tons of movies, TV shows,and many more adventurous videos. The content of this app is organized by category so that u can find the desired movie which you want.The catalog of this app will be updated frequently to get the latest versions.

Pros and Cons of VideoMix:


  1. Can be downloaded with a  free of cost.
  2. Clarity of the pic is awesome.
  3. Manual update check.


  1. It takes much time to load the video.
  2. Contains some deadlines.


Wifikill is an app which is used to disable the wifi connections of others connected to some devices. It comes under hacking.With the help of this Wifikill app, we can access the internet without any distortions too. Wifikill can grab the traffic information of other devices connected to the same network. It shows the network names of other devices and their usage of the internet too.

Pros and Cons of Wifikill:


  1. Easy to use and accurate.
  2. There is no need of any technical experience.
  3. Supports all android device running Android 4.0.


  1. Root access is needed to run this Wifikill app.
  2. AnInterface is not user-friendly.

These are some of the apps which are not available in playstore but will play a key role in our life. There are still many types of apps present in the social media with which we can do wonders. I have listed a few among them.