Best Laptops under $300 for Minecraft

Minecraft laptop 01

Here you will find the best laptops for Minecraft under $300. 15-inch is the perfect size for laptops; it isn’t too small and not too big as well. They are the great choice for just about anyone and they certainly come with almost all the latest features including DVD drive and all useful ports. Well, 15-inch laptops certainly are the most common and usually known as the regular sized laptops. However, in our blog of cheap laptops under $300, we only write about the best laptops that are affordable and worth the price. Anyways, Minecraft laptops are usually priced at around $400 to $500 but there are also other sources where you could get the same laptops in discount offers for around $300.

When we are talking a laptop that costs less than $300 then you will rarely see a 15-inch laptop since the devices that are under $300 are usually around 11 to 13 inches which is not sufficient for everyone and lacks plenty of features when compared to a regular sized laptop. In this article, we will be writing about the 15-inch notebooks that are priced under $300 and also are the best ones. These devices will be compatible with just about every OS such as Windows 8, MAC OS or Windows 7. Anything you want, you can do it on this laptop and there won’t be any lack of features or ports for your connectivity. So stop worrying and scroll down to see the best minecraft laptops that are available for under $300. these are usually photo editing laptops that can help you in photo editing works too.


  1. HP 15-f004dx

Since you’re looking for a laptop under $300 there’s a big chance that you are little tight with your budget. Well, don’t worry if that’s the case and simply say thanks to HP for manufacturing a laptop such as this one. The HP 15 f004dx is an extremely affordable laptop and comes with powerful specifications. Other than that, it fits your criteria of the 15-inch display screen. So what more do you want? It also packs some of the best and most advanced features plus multi-tasking has been made really easy on this notebook. Overall, we highly recommend HP 15 as a laptop under $300.

  1. Toshiba B5

The Toshiba B5 is very much affordable as well and yet one of the most stylish laptops of 2017. It packs powerful processor such as Intel dual-core which helps you with multitasking and other powerful stuff. The best thing about this notebook is that you won’t be facing any kind of performance issue. If you compare it with other laptops from this list you certainly will find this one slightly better since it has received uncountable positive reviews plus it fits your budget very well. So just stop thinking and grab it while you still can.

  1. ASUS RC

ASUS has been producing 15-inch budget laptops for years now and they are all very much identical to their premium range laptops. So if you’re tight with your budget then you undoubtedly can buy ASUS RC laptop that will cost you no more than $300. It’s known for its premium design which you will not find in any other $300 laptop. It also includes DVD writer which will help you with watching new movies, burning DVDs or some other stuff (you know what I mean by “other stuff”). Overall, ASUS is my favorite since it packs everything latest such as Bluetooth, DVD drive and 500 GB HDD.

  1. Lenovo G Series

The Lenovo G series has been known very well for manufacturing the best gaming laptops for affordable price and this one is certainly one of the best minecraft laptops of 2017. This budget laptop is certainly the most powerful one in this list of laptops under $300 since it’s from the gaming laptop series. Well, yeah by G Lenovo means gaming. So in case powerful hardware is your priority then look no more. This is exactly what you need. It comes with a strong graphics card from AMD, 1 TB hard disk drive to save your large games, Quad-Core processor for multi-tasking with ease and 4 GB RAM for browsing internet effortlessly. All in all, it’s certainly the top class notebook that will suit almost everyone.

  1. Toshiba Satellite C55

Toshiba has been known for selling 15-inch laptops that are extremely affordable yet powerful. This one is a perfect device for everyone who is looking to do basic work such as emails, videos, music, etc. Other activities can also be done on this but I would not recommend it for playing games or watching HD movies. Its body might look little bulky but don’t get confused with that, it’s extremely lightweight and nicely designed for professionals. The specifications are almost same as other devices in this list. However, this specific notebook from Toshiba does not include DVD drive.