Best Video Maker with Music for Creating a Business Promo

Promo videos are one of the important marketing material for any companies and should be developed with proper care. These videos leave the first impression on any of your user and potential customers and so should be created with all care.

If you will look into the freelancing websites, some of the experienced video creators demand handsome money and leave the thought of getting it developed from the professional company when the budget is your main worries.

But there are many ways using which you can get your video developed in the budget and one of the reliable solutions is MakeWebVideo. They are one of the leading video maker with music company to help you develop the video on demand.

But before moving ahead and see how to make a business promo video with music, let’s see some of the important gradients of the business promo video.

Important gradients of the business promo video

Here are the top 7 elements of a good business promotional video which will help you drive more sales and visibility.

  • A narrow focus on the message you want to convey which can be the problem you are solving or features you think is USP.
  • Always sell the benefits and not the features as commercial people always look for the benefits
  • Always work on production values
  • Transcripts should be better
  • You need to make sure that video is completely fitting your strategies
  • The introduction should be attention grabbing for this you can use certain music or graphics
  • Make sure you are using the branded logo on the video so that it can leave a positive impact

Apart from all these also, you should take care of the background, color combination, fonts, graphics and other design materials for a video which will leave a huge impact.

How to create a business promo video with MakeWebVideo with music

To get started with the business promo video with music, you first need to sign up at MakeWebVideo and activate your account. Once done, you will be shown the different templates and their prices it will cost you to develop the video at that cost.

You can select any of these videos depending on your need, niche, and budgeting along with the feature you are looking for. In the next step, you can edit the content, graphics, and audios which you can do step by step.

For example, if you want to change the graphics, just click on step 2 and start editing the graphics one by one. Here you can also change the texts written on those graphics.

Once you are done with all the changes and editing part, just click on the produced video and the software will start creating the video for you. The free video that will be created won’t be of good quality and can only be used to test the software. Once you will buy it by paying the amount shown earlier, you can have the HD quality video.


This was all about creating a business promo video from scratch in the budget. MakeWebVideo is an amazing tool to create the promo videos on demand. If you are also looking to promote your business visually, get a video developed using the MakeWebVideo platform.