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A piano is one of the most amazing musical instruments in the world. They come with many features and technologies. And, their prices vary accordingly. Some of them may be very expensive. But, fortunately, there is a new technology for them. This is Piano Virtual Studio Technology (VST). It is a plugin software which generates sound digitally. This is a convenient and an economical solution for many musicians. So, you don’t actually need a piano when you can have the music you want.

We studied several piano VST. But before buying any, you need to know what makes a good piano VST? This is what our article is about. We will guide you on how to buy a piano VST. So, if you want to make the right choice, read on.

What are the Digital Forms of The Piano?

Owing a piano is a passion as well as style for many. But, you can always opt for a more economical solution. There are convenient alternatives now available after the piano has gone digital. But, still we can have it in two digital forms;

  1. Digital piano: it is a hardware formed piano. It matches to that of an acoustic It also has 88 keys with onboard speakers. They give similar sounds as that of a real acoustic piano. Casio, Kawai, Yamaha and many other companies are selling this digital piano.
  2. Piano VST: VST (Virtual Studio Technology) is a software to play like a piano. In this case, you need a MIDI keyboard with those 88 keys. Also, you will be needing a computer software to play it.

Owing a piano VST is less costly. You own fewer things and some of them are freely downloadable.

Features to Consider before Buying A Realistic Piano VST:

To buy realistic piano VST you should be aware of different types and things to consider. You need to produce music varies from others. There are some elements to consider like;

  1. Type of a piano VST:

For buying a right type of piano VST, knowing its type is very important. There are two basic types of this. These are modeled or synth-based piano. The other one is sample based piano.

The synth-based piano: the synth-based piano is the piano VSTs which have a smaller file size. It has a coded software or program responsible for matching sounds of an acoustic piano. One of its pros is that is loads very quickly. You can have multiple styles of piano, types or brands. It does not need any software sampler to run on. But, it does not exactly replicate an acoustic piano. So, you will be needing to record one.

The sample-based piano:

The sample-based piano is more realistic than a synth-based piano. It is of high quality because they are the actual recordings of a real piano. All 88 keys can be recorded multiple times. But, in this type, the file type is huge and often fills a hard drive. They are expensive than the synth-based.

  1. Customizability:

Customizability affects your overall music performance. You should decide whether you want advanced features or not. If you have to create high-quality unique sounds, better go with the sample based piano VST. If you want a beginning practice in a less costly way, you can choose synth based ones.

  1. Compatibility:

Compatibility is always important when considering a software. You should always be sure whether the VST you are buying will work with your OS or not. Some of the VSTs require iLok (License management) for a run. It gives secure protection of the software. So, you should also check on that before.

  1. Price:

The prices of the realistic piano VSTs vary according to the type and features. Some of them may be completely free as well. But, obviously, it would not have so many features. If you have enough budget, there is a wide range of piano VSTs plugins to choose from. For a higher quality music production, spending more money is good. But, if you are on your practicing stages, it is good, to begin with, free plugins.

Some examples:

Some of the good VSTs plugins are;

  1. Ivory
  2. Acoustic piano
  3. Pianoteq
  4. Mda piano
  5. XLN
  6. Garriton

Final Words:

Realistic piano VSTs are popular among musicians of all levels. They give the same results like that of a real acoustic piano. But, to buy a realistic piano VST, one should know the nature of his objective. The type, price and compatibility matter a lot in this case. This is why we mentioned above the features needed to consider while buying one. We listed some of the top products for this. So, read and decide on the one you want to buy.