How To Connect Xender Mobile To PC?

Xender is one of the best apps for any mobile user. As long as I know, this app is one of the first app people download on their phone. You can transfer file easily from one phone to another. But what about PC, how to connect Xender mobile to PC? It’s not that hard and we are going to share all the detail with you in this article.

How to connect Xender to your PC?

There are many ways you would need to connect Xender mobile to PC like

  • Your USB cable is not working
  • You want to share a large file
  • With USB cable, there is also a fear of losing connection midway and you will lose all the data
  • And you don’t want to share the data from the cloud and still want to share it with your PC
  • You want to back up your data from mobile to PC

There are much reasons you would need to connect Xender mobile to pc, but if you don’t know how to do this, we are here to help you with this.

Steps to connect Xender mobile to PC

  • Open Xender and you will find a paper plane type symbol at the bottom right of the screen
  • Click on the symbol to connect
  • When you reach to a screen where it shows send and receives, you will find a symbol there which was written Mac/PC
  • Tap on that symbol and you will redirect to another screen which is to connect Xender mobile to pc
  • Click on Create hotspot

  • You will find an IP address on your mobile screen, put it on your browser to connect Xender mobile to pc
  • After writing down the IP address in the browser, in your mobile, you will be asked for permission to connect to pc
  • Once you accept that in your phone, you will be taken to a webpage on your PC where you can find all the detail on your Phone,

How to download files from Xender mobile to pc

  • Once you connected, you can browse all your mobile file on your pc. Just select any of the files and click download
  • You can also select multiple files and download it on your PC

Features of Xender Mobile for PC

So now you know how to connect Xender mobile to PC, but you should also know what else you can do.

  • Available easily and free of cost
  • Fastest in sending and receiving files,
  • Data transformation speeds up to 4Mbps to 6Mbps
  • Secure data and file sharing
  • Available on all platform. i.e. Android, iPhone, and Windows phone
  • Also, works on cross-platform.

We hope this article would help you connect Xender mobile to PC. If you have any other questions, do let us know in the comments.