In depth: Nikon D3400

nikon 3400

The arrival of the Nikon D3400 has meant the arrival of Snapbridge connection for users of SLR cameras, well, it is true that the first to integrate in the Nikon D500, but the Nikon D3400 is the camera that reaches the vast majority of the community, Since it is designed for beginners or for those who want extraordinary image quality, great autonomy, and easy handling.

Ergonomics and management

The premise is that it is simple to use, so the controls of the Nikon D3400 are designed to handle it without complications. The GUIA mode, will help you to make your photos, giving step by step instructions so that you can take the photo you want and with the look you want.

Small in size, it is an ideal camera to travel or take to any event, with a weight of 445g plus the lens and dimensions that do not exceed 13cm wide, will not cost much to remove it from home.

The autonomy of the Nikon D3400 is spectacular, and can take up to 1200 pictures per charge (in the D3300, 700 pictures per charge), this means that in most departures of several days, you can even forget the charger at home and not worry about it.

What is Snapbridge?

Snapbridge allows you to connect your camera to your mobile device, but in a different way than the WiFi connections we know from other cameras. SnapBridge is based on a low-power Bluetooth connection, meaning you will hardly consume power, either from your camera or from your mobile device.

To connect, you only need to pair the camera with the device the same way you do with the car hands-free. Once done, when you are near your camera will connect automatically without having to move a finger.

You can choose to transfer images automatically, so you do not even have to choose an option in the menu of your camera or launch an application on your mobile (the app works in the background), the photos will be on your mobile directly, and it is as if the Nikon D3400 is the camera of your mobile. The transfer can be configured to keep it running even with the camera off, so you could see your photos on the phone while your Nikon D3400 is stored in your bag.

If you’re concerned about the size of your pictures, the Nikon D3400 sends 2-megapixel images, so we can rest assured that we will not be filled with four 24-megapixel stills. This size is ideal for sharing your images on social networks or messages by Whatsapp without problem, have a good size and a great quality

Sensor and image quality

The sensor of the Nikon D3400 combined with the EXPEED 4 processor delivers very high quality images even in low light conditions. This CMOS resolution of 24.2 megapixels has a range of sensitivities spectacular, starting from ISO 100 and reaching 25,600 ISO without forcing, this gives a very high margin of work, making it easy to shoot in any light condition while maintaining some good results.

Focus and shot

This is one of the most important features of any camera, and should be one that can be decided between one model and another.

The Nikon D3400’s auto-focus system has 11 selectable dots. It has two AF modes: AF-S and AF-C (single and continuous servo focus) that we use for taking static or dynamic subjects. Both modes have a subject recognition system that will select for us the most appropriate focus point for the photo; But we can take control and choose how we want the camera to focus: with a point, with 9 points (ideal for shooting subjects in motion) or even in 3D, so that the camera follows the subject automatically selecting the appropriate focus point. If we activate the Live View mode, with which we visualize on the screen what we are going to photograph or record in video, the subject tracking mode will have a similar function.

To capture the action, the Nikon D3400 features a continuous shooting mode of 5 frames per second, shooting bursts of 100 photos in JPEG format or up to 16 in RAW (NEF) format.

Thanks to its new AF-P lens (which comes with the camera), focusing is now faster and more accurate. The new AF-P lenses have a step-by-step focusing motor that allows for greater speed and accuracy with a low noise level, making them ideal for video recording as well.


The features of the Nikon D3400 make it an excellent video option. Its high sensitivity allows you to obtain clear shots in low light and with an excellent dynamic range. Full HD video reaches up to 60/50 frames per second, so we can shoot in slow motion or with sharpness in scenes with a lot of movement without giving up the resolution. Its clean HDMI output can be used for video recording on an external device. Being able to connect this camera in this way allows you to record without limits and with a higher quality, the recording speed in this case will be 24 fps.