Despacito is Hacked, Youtube’s video which have 5 billion views

This could be one of the most shocking or saddest days in YouTube history as one of their video is being hacked. But why we are shocked about just one video when every day there are thousands of videos being taken down. Because it was none other than Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s Despacito which just crossed 5 billion views on YouTube. Despacito is hacked at the time when it made a world record of highest viewed video on YouTube.

More than a dozen other artists, including Shakira, Selena Gomez, Drake and Taylor Swift are also affected. They are all posted under Vivo which is known to be partnered with all of the famous singers. It was noticed just today that this video is being hacked and some other video is being posted instead of that. Right now all of those videos is being taken down by YouTube.

Despacito is hacked

We all remember the song when last year it took around the internet and become one of the most loved songs all over the world. That song becomes overnight sensation, and everyone shared their video on twitter and Facebook and it becomes of the most viewed video of all time. Luis Fonsi becomes a superstar and been guest to some of the most prestige’s awards for his performance. Even Justin Beiber recorded in Spanish and that video was viewed more than half a billion time on YouTube. now Despacito is hacked, we dont know what will happen to all those views.

Who hacked Despacito?

The hacker is unknown as always but the video they have posted was written under it, free Palestine and it was removed by YouTube itself.Despacito is hacked and also Some of the other videos like Shake it off, Last Friday Night, Wolves And Chantaje which are also almost in billion clubs of YouTube view are being taken down by youtube after decpacito is hacked. One of the hackers have tweeted after hacking Despacito that,

“@YouTube It’s just for fun i just use script “YouTube-change-title-video” and i write “hacked” don t judge me i love youtube <3”

The tweet was referred to YouTube and he explains how he hacked all those videos and he also said that he love YouTube. Person behind decpacito being hacked doesn’t identify yet but all of those affected and hacked video are being taken out by YouTube. we dont know that its true or someone is faking it on twitter after Despacito is hacked.

Decpacito in 5 billion club

Just yesterday, we got the news that Despacito has been watched over 5 billion times and broke the record of all the other most viewed video. We hope that they recover from this as that milestone is almost impossible achieve if they have to put the video again after Despacito is hacked.