Difference between Viscoelastic Memory Foam and Viscolex you need to know

What is viscolex foam?

The viscolex mattress is a high-quality mattress using the high technology structure it is known for its softness and orthopedic support. It is a high technology foam made up of viscolex material which is excellent in absorbing the body weight when you sleep on it, and it evenly distributes your body in such a way that your spin gets the maximum support needed to be in its natural posture throughout the night. It means it keeps your spine in line with the body so that you won’t suffer from any type of pain or discomfort while sleeping.

The viscolex memory foam won’t exert any pressure on the body of the person sleeping and helps in excellent blood circulation. It helps in relaxing all your nerves and muscles so that you won’t suffer from any sort of discomfort and pain while sleeping and wake up the next day with a relaxed and pleasant mind so that you will be active throughout the day long.

What is viscoelastic memory foam?

The viscoelastic memory foam mattress is the most popular and modern type of mattress it has the high rating in the mattress industry most of the people the memory foam mattress due to its great comfort.  The greatness goes to the viscoelastic material which is being used in the mattress, and this material origin was by NASA it was invented to help the pressure on the astronauts as it can oppose the G-force and comfort the user to have a great relaxed sleep.

First the viscoelastic was only being used in NASA, and then after few years it was used in hospitals, and now you can find it in household things too. The viscoelastic mattress is made with some chemical foam such that it can create the imprints and adjust its shape according to the body curves. It hugely supports and offers excellent comfort by reducing the pressure on the body. Not only the viscoelastic material has the heating property the person sleeping on it can have a sweet hot sleep which is the best advantage in the winter season.

Advantages of viscolex foam mattress:

  • it is a soft mattress for a smooth sleep
  • It is made of high-quality viscolex foam
  • It gives the user the orthopaedic support
  • It absorbs the body weight providing comfort to the user
  • The viscolex mattress distributes the weight evenly throughout the night
  • It keeps your spine in-line with the other body parts to give you relief from back pain, neck pain, and other body pains.
  • The viscolex foam is good for relaxing the nerves and muscles in your body
  • You can experience proper blood circulation throughout the body when you sleep
  • It exerts no pressure on the body offering you a comfortable and calm long sleep

Advantages of viscoelastic foam mattress:

  • It doesn’t put more pressure on the person sleeping
  • It enhances the sleep by soothing the pressure points
  • You can experience reduced night time movements as it offers excellent comfort while sleeping
  • It imprints your shape of the body and comes into its original position after getting away from the mattress
  • It significantly align your whole body parts to avoid discomfort
  • The blood circulation is improved at the night time making the blood circulate more freely to all parts of the body
  • It is a responsive mattress and provides you a hot sleep
  • It has no sinking property like other mattresses
  • The viscoelastic mattress has motion observing property too

This is all about the difference between viscoelastic memory foam mattress and viscolex foam mattress. I have now you got an idea about what is viscolex and viscoelastic memory foam.